Jim Jones Would Like You To Know His Pecs Are All-Natural

Jan 16th, 2008 // 3 Comments

jimjones.jpgThis Mass Appeal interview with Mr. Jones was publshed before the hip-hop steroid scandal broke earlier this week, but the long tangent about gym rat Jones selling a “lifestyle” is another sign of the self-consciousness among rappers about staying ripped as a bodybuilder. (Whither Biz Markie?) Still, Mr. Jones says his newly ample bosom is merely the product of simple hard work, and stunned by the results of the Diplomat’s self-sculpting, the interviewer even paid his subject what we think is a compliment:

Yeah, you’re mad diesel, son. You poppin’ out up top like you need a bra or something.

You know it’s a very slow day here on the Internets when we’re posting about Jim Jones’ boobies, but at same time I’m pretty sure that would be funny even if Thom Yorke had just strangled Guy Hands to death.

Jim Jones [Mass Appeal; HT: lcd rap system]

  1. loudersoft

    I think it’s just his ego that has been using HgH.

  2. Anonymous

    That’s the same magazine that hosted the infamous “Jim Jones Gets a Facial” photoshoot two years ago. And Jann Wenner thought he was the only Music Magazine impresario on the down low.

  3. Silverfuture


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