Coachella: The Rumormongering Rages On!

Jan 16th, 2008 // 14 Comments

2008a.jpgKevin Bronson at the Los Angeles Times has a sort of update on the heatstroke-inducing desert jam that is Coachella Festival, the lineup of which is being announced next week. According to Bronson, not only is the above poster totally off, My Bloody Valentine will not be one of the “surprising veteran act[s]” on the show’s roster–but who cares, because apparently Portishead is going to be there! Maybe I should brave the desert, although I’d need to stock up on some SPF 150 and a gigantic floppy hat before doing so. A list of bands who are, so far, totally definitely 100% rumored to be appearing according to the Internets and blog boards and such after the jump. Can you say “yay, ’90s”?

Death Cab for Cutie
The Breeders
Jens Lekman
Junkie XL
The Verve
Cold War Kids
VHS or Beta
Dan Deacon
Brett Dennen
The Cinematic Orchestra
Kid Sister
Crystal Castles
Louis XIV

Also, some commenter at Brooklyn Vegan is claiming that Led Zeppelin is playing but how many times have we heard that old song and dance lately.

Coachella roster slowly takes shape (and getting misshapen) [Buzz Bands via BV]


  1. Hyperdulia

    Meh. As a resident in the region and regular attendee, I can tell ya’ it could be worse. I might brave the Porta-Potty Gauntlet again this year to get a sniff of Portishead and the Breeders, but the only decent thing about last year’s fest was that hot pepita Julieta Venegas (aMAZingly good) and…um…well, Bjork.

    Even though Bjork sucked in a magnificent, indelibly Bjorkish way.

  2. extracrispy

    Oh gawd, please let Kelly be on the real list.

  3. catdirt

    we’ve always got an extra bedroom at our rented house… you want to buy a plane ticket to “ontario”- not the one in canada.

  4. westartedthis

    i LOVE the Blitzen Trappers!

  5. Nunya B

    Goldfrapp are probably playing at Coachella, but the Kylie-in-the-dance-tent thing thrills me more than words can say…

  6. Dan Gibson

    @mothrafairy: What a strange thing to say. Out of the hundred plus bands, you only enjoyed one?

    There were at least a dozen great performances last year, in my opinion, but maybe you have better taste than I.

  7. MrStarhead

    Fact: REM has a new “return-to-form” album coming out April 1.
    Fact: REM are already playing Langerado Festival in Miami and SXSW.
    Fact: REM can no longer draw arena-sized crowds on a US tour.
    Conclusion: REM at Coachella.

  8. badfad

    Any thoughts on the second day headliner from the poster above?
    It seems like the duo has gone a little stale, not having released anything new since Idlewild. Are we maybe in for a big surprise before May or should we disregard that?

  9. The Mozfather

    @mothrafairy: I’d tear you apart like I was feasting on a pushy photographer for that Bjork comment, if this here Internet wasn’t in the way.

  10. BoHan

    Hate to break it to you, but this poster is an annual joke concocted by the hilarious guys at the blog Losanjealous. Apparently it’s taken on a life of its own.

  11. Maura Johnston

    @BoHan: yes, that’s why i said that the above poster ‘is totally off.’

  12. itmustbeken

    One should never, ever joke about the appearance of Kylie.

  13. astralgirl01

    Portishead = big yes. The new music sounds INSANELY good.

    Kylie (if true) = big yes. She would kill, and remove the awful taste of Madonna’s appearance out of everyone’s mouth.

    MBV (if true) = oh, that better be true, or I will kick Kev Shields’ ass for sure.

    And PLEASE, yes to Autolux, Uncle, and SMD.
    And NO THANKS to Justice. Burn out is ON.

  14. badfad

    Obviously Coachella is going to have one of the best lineups you can get in one place. But it has a tough act to follow after last year’s lineup (and I’m not only referring to RATM). All three days last year, there were only two set times I missed and both were because I got caught with a CamelBak and had to try my luck a second time through the screening tables.

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