Travis Barker Will Not Be Remixing Rockstar Energy Drink’s Jingles Anytime Soon

Jan 17th, 2008 // 8 Comments

AP06062703692.jpgTravis Barker is suing the Rockstar Energy Drink Company for using a picture of him holding a can of the nasty beverage in an ad without his consent, saying that said ad resulted in “invasion of privacy, unfair competition and misappropriating his likeness to promote the product.” Whether “misappropriating his likeness” means that Barker wanted more money, or that he thinks that those so-called “energy drinks” are really just a scammy way for beverage companies to package their runoff from other, more palatable drinks is unclear.

Rock Star Sues Rockstar Beverages [AP]
[Photo: AP]

  1. Lucas Jensen

    Energy drinks are like liquid candy + stimulants. I bet drinking beer is better for your body.

  2. SuperUnison

    The fact that they (possibly) ripped off this assclown just makes me love Rockstar even more. My standby shot is actually 1 part Rockstar 1 part Early Times Bourbon in a double glass.

  3. nh_dave

    The saddest thing about rockstar is it is owned by Mike Savages (the radio ‘personality’) son…

  4. Bob Loblaw

    I’ve got a lifetime endorsement deal to promote Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt, so legally I can’t even comment on this thread.

  5. Ned Raggett

    @Bob Loblaw: Endorsement deal or indentured servitude?

  6. Bob Loblaw

    @Ned Raggett: Anthony Pellicano sold him
    some compromising photos of me, Janice Dickinson, Bobby Evans and a
    rubber bath toy. It’s a nasty business, Hollywood.

  7. Anonymous

    Who knew this waste of bones and ink can do something meaningful like this big “fuck you” to that miserable shit Michael Savage and family?

  8. Ben

    Its true what he is saying. He has built an image and doesnt want it abused. Also he would want to set an example to other companies that might considering doing this.

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