Scott Ian of Anthrax has Suicide Girls Column

Jan 17th, 2008 // 4 Comments

attackofthekillerbungholes.jpgRenaissance hack Scott Ian of Anthrax now has his own Suicide Girls column where he goes deep about his “food and travel experiences”: “When you eat Mario’s food you realize why he can have thirteen or so restaurants. It’s just fucking great.” Watch your back, Bourdain. [Blabbermouth]

  1. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Scott Ian always comes across like one less guitar lesson and he would have quit and became an accoutant insted.

  2. Ned Raggett

    Best new tag ever there, BTW

  3. Cam/ron

    We have a generation of youth who believe that Scott Ian was always a “fundit” for VH1.

  4. TimmyGUNZ

    I’m always amazed that people care what this clown has to say? Since when does being in Anthrax mean your opinion is dying to be heard? I understand wanting his 2¢ on a show about the history of 80′s metal, but anything beyond that, surely you can find someone with more to bring to the table.

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