Mouse On Mars Get A Little Froggy

Jan 17th, 2008 // 5 Comments

vulvaland.jpgGerman electronic duo Mouse On Mars got a much-needed aesthetic reboot last year thanks to their rougher backing tracks for their Von Sudenfed project, twisting disco, glitch, and rock into hiccuping grooves that allowed their new collaborator, Fall vocalist Mark E. Smith, to free his spleen. But my favorite MoM tune might still be one of the first they ever recorded, the croaking, vocal-free techno track “Frosch” from 1994′s Vulvaland. Despite the album title, the tune’s very much safe for work. Cuddly, even.

Mouse On Mars [MySpace]

  1. Ned Raggett

    Yes to all the above. First song I ever heard from them, still great. Pretty good live as well but there should have been a Von Sudenfed tour!

  2. dentist

    Is it just me or does that Songza thing not work? Web 2.No indeed.

  3. dippinkind

    it’s not just you, doesn’t work for me either (great, now i’m gonna have to go find the cd…. or just listen to Saturday Night Worldcup Fieber instead – i’m going with the latter)

  4. Cam/ron

    MoM’s last 90′s records are still the best. Their production work on Stereolab’s underrated record, “Dots and Loops” has aged gracefully.

  5. dentist

    I recently found Instrumentals used on vinyl. I’d forgotten how much I love it (it’s probably my favorite of theirs).

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