Amy Winehouse Will Make It To The Grammys–But Will She Sing?

Jan 17th, 2008 // 1 Comment

AP071101024413.jpgThe latest on the Grammys, according to Entertainment Weekly: The Feb. 10 gala will go on, strike or no strike; while it’s still unknown whether members of the Screen Actors Guild will participate, on Tuesday two other music unions, the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and the American Federation of Musicians, said that their members should participate in the program. The resulting show will probably be low on the banter–and the 50th-anniversary pomp, unless Clive Davis goes off on an unscripted monologue about how he was involved in every one of the music biz’s good old days–and high on the paparazzi/rubberneckers, because Amy Winehouse has apparently gotten rid of her visa problems, thus clearing her way to attend the event. But!

According to EW, it’s unknown whether or not the six-times-nominated Winehouse will get up on stage at the event, and given that her recent track record at awards shows has been less than stellar in recent months this is probably going to be unclear until sometime around midnight on Feb. 9. I would actually lean against her performing, if only because I think she still needs to take baby steps toward actually being comfortable on stage before she gives singing in public another go. But I’m betting that the suits at CBS are lobbying for a Winehouse performance, what with the Britney trainwreck at the Video Music Awards leading to massive ratings for what was ultimately a resounding failure of a night.

Grammys expected to go on with Amy Winehouse in attendance — but what about Beyonce? [Hollywood Insider; HT DHMBIB]
[Photo: AP]

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    I’m sure she’ll be amazing on the right mixture.

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