Last Night’s Top “Idol” Contender: Another Ringer?

Jan 17th, 2008 // 12 Comments

kady.jpgSimon Cowell’s favorite performer last night was 18-year-old Kady Malloy, a Houston teen who started off impersonating Britney Spears and Carrie Underwood before belting out “Unchained Melody” in the style of Christina Aguilera. But how would she do with songs that weren’t familiar to people watching at home? Thanks to the Internet, we can find out now, months before her debut album reaches stores!

As it turns out, Malloy already has an album out–or had an album out before it got whitewashed from the Internet (by the Idol powers that be, perhaps?). A post on the MySpace blog of indie music store Amie Street big-ups Malloy as such: “Kady Malloy’s powerful voice and Hip Hop-influenced pop songs bring to mind a cross between Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, and The Pussycat Dolls. Kady’s been working with Nick Trevisick, a producer and writer for artists like Mandy Moore and Natalie Imbruglia, so remember: you heard her on Amie Street first!” Unfortunately, the page where you were able to download her album has since been taken off the site, although there are still MP3s of her work around: you can listen to the Christina-Xeroxes-”My Love” track “Find The Time” here, and a chunk of the robot-pop song “It’s Automatic” here. I personally prefer the latter, but that’s because I’m a sucker for vocoded-out voices.

Kady Malloy: Catch a Rising Star [Amie Street]
Music In Your Inbox [Amie Street MySpace Blog]

  1. Bob Loblaw

    Interesting…An alarmed Simon stopped this girl halfway through
    “Before He Cheats” so that she could start over with a new song. (She
    was imitating Britney before that, but this was now her official
    audition.) It was like watching a lawyer lead a dim witness. “Remember?
    We need to send you through to Hollywood, so be better.”

    /conspiracy nerd

  2. Nicolars

    Based on the baseball cap, she’s the Poochie of American Idol.

  3. dog door

    @Nicolars: recycling careers…. TO THE EXTREME!!!!

  4. extracrispy

    I actually liked her, ringer or not, until I saw that baseball cap picture.

  5. DavidWatts

    @extracrispy: Please step up your game, America’s cheapest promo photogs. For everyone’s sake.

  6. Chris Molanphy

    @Nicolars: That Kady Malloy is one outrageous dude!

    She’s totally in my face!

  7. JedTheMime

    @Nicolars: I’ll catch her on the flip side… NOT!!!

  8. boobs

    she’s singing the songs, the music that we love

  9. cerulgalactus

    When are they gonna get to the fireworks factory?

  10. beeporama (brian.j.parker)

    Oh my god, you mean American Idol is fixed? “Reality” shows are actually staged? The shock!

  11. Lazy Line Painter Jane

    I was bummed that they didn’t let her do more singer impersonations! I don’t want to hear her actually sing FOR REAL! That is boring.

  12. PacificLight

    Me too Kittens. I was totally looking forward to a Barry White impersonation.

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