Beyoncé to Perform at Grammys

Jan 17th, 2008 // 10 Comments

AP070211038156.jpgAccording to a press statement released by NARAS today, Beyonce will perform on the Feb. 10 Grammy telecast, writers’ strike be damned. Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s dad, said in the statement that his company Music World Entertainment has “every intention with the entire music community to celebrate the Grammys’ 50th birthday”–and apparently Beyonce’s sister Solange is part of Knowles’ picket-line-crossing birthday present, as she has also been “asked to participate.” Click on Beyonce’s head for the full statement, which also includes Dave Grohl reiterating that the Foo Fighters will be at the show, too. [Hollywood Insider]

Statements from the Music Community regarding the 50th Annual GRAMMY® Awards:

In response to press speculation regarding artist attendance at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards, The Recording Academy has received the following statements from friends in the music community declaring their support:

“The work of The Recording Academy is vital to the music industry, and we have every intention of being with the entire music community to celebrate the Grammys’ 50th birthday in February. Beyoncé, as well as my other artists Solange and Trinitee 5:7, have been asked to participate and will do so. We have an incredible Beyoncé performance that will be announced soon. We wish the Grammys the best.”
– Mathew Knowles, Music World Entertainment

“We’re participating in ‘My GRAMMY Moment’ because it creates opportunities. Opportunities to write, compose, play and study music — skills that absolutely need to be passed on to generations to come. And thanks to ‘My Grammy Moment,’ a musician from that next generation is going to get the chance to audition on YouTube to play with us at the Grammys as part of our orchestra.”
– Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters

“We’re looking forward to attending this year’s Grammy Awards as we do every year. We are hopeful that we will see a resolution to the current situation affecting our entire industry, as Foo Fighters have always had nothing short of amazing experiences with the writers, producers, fellow artists and audiences at the Grammys and every television show the band has ever played. There’s no question that the Grammys are a highlight of every year for the industry and audiences alike, and we’re thrilled that the Foo Fighters will be performing on the show.”
– John Silva, SAM Music Management

  1. Cheap Shot

    A whole day gone and no mention of Oasis’ new single?


  2. Rob Murphy

    I’m really excited that Trinitee 5:7 has “been asked to participate and will do so”.

  3. SuperUnison

    Today was the day I realized that I hate the Foo Fighters. I used to think they were just lukewarm anthem peddlers who denied the existence of AIDS on the side. Now they’ve decided to, basically, act as strikebreakers by providing content. It’s an act of sheer ego, wringing a little bit more attention for themselves out of an event that’s a zero-credibility sham in the first place. No one with the kind of legacy that Dave Grohl has should be insecure and needy to the point where he’ll fuck with striking writers just to see his face on TV for the 40,000th time.

  4. Anonymous

    @SuperUnison: Agreed. I was never a fan, and now I’m officially done with them.

    I don’t expect anything better from the Knowleses, however — though I do expect a better lacefront from Beyonce than the one in that picture.

  5. janine

    A Grammys broadcast with more musical performances and less bits? That’s just terrible.

  6. dsven

    @SuperUnison: Oh for Christ’s sake. A hate-on for the Foo Fighters because they aren’t supporting a HOLLYWOOD writer’s strike??

    Oh, those evil, evil Foo Fighters.

  7. AL

    the quality of Idolator comments is steadily declining

  8. encyclopediablack

    For once, Solange Knowles won’t be known as Beyonce’s sister. She’ll be known as Beyonce’s sister who performed at the Grammys.

  9. SuperUnison

    @dsven: The rub is that Grohl supported Kerry in 04′ and has since talked about helping people who are “suffering under the Bush government.” By doing the Grammys, he’s working counter to organized labor. The fact that he’s biting the teat of the promo machine til the blood squirts makes him look desperate for attention when he could have quietely opted out like someone who’s against seeing his fellow creatives get fucked.

  10. Cheap Shot

    @SuperUnison: Agreed. Used to actually like them and thought grohl was talented. Now I can’t stand them.

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