What Does Barack Obama Have In Common With The Insane Clown Posse?

150x223.jpgQuite a bit. Who knew, right? Apparently anyone committed to a close reading of the Psychopathic Records catalog. In the spirit of democracy/Web 2.0 page view whoring, Barry O’s socially networked Web site is giving blogs away to anyone who asks–and that includes Juggalos, one of whom has penned a lengthy essay explaining exactly where Obama’s positions on various issues link up with the seemingly illiberal policies of the ICP. “The Republicans and right wingers claim to care about the morals of America,” politicized Jughead Robert Tidwell writes, “but it is people like Barack Obama and the Insane Clown Posse, who’ve made it their life’s work in changing the world around them.”

Robert Bruce, Violent J’s brother, also known as Jump Steady, appears on one of the earliest political songs from the band. This song was recorded during Operation Desert Storm but speaks mountains of the situation we are currently in. Jumpsteady’s verse is more about over coming “Ghetto Insanity”, a common theme on the album Carnival Of Carnage, but he throws in a simple lyric which is increasingly applicable: “Damn they’re stupid / Their minds must be failin’ / Think I’d rather pay a little extra on a gallon / And save a human life or two.”

The Clowns themselves have not articulated much on the war, however, in their comic book series, The Pendulum, we are treated to an open discussion between former Gulf War Veterans who very simply state that while in the middle east they raped and killed innocent women and children.

Barack Obama is different in this respect. He respects the soldiers and what they do and supports the use of military involvement. He does not, how ever, believe we should be fighting in an illegal war, using illegal tactics, fighting an invisible enemy. In 2002, at an Anti-War Rally in Chicago, Obama said, “I don’t oppose all wars. And I know that in this crowd today, there is no shortage of patriots or of patriotism. What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war.”

Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope themselves have yet to come out in support of Obama like fellow Midwestern guyliner enthusiast Pete Wentz, and Obama himself hasn’t started spraying his rallies with Faygo as an overture towards the clowns yet. But clearly the Juggalo vote should not be discounted, as it has all too often in the past. Sure, you’re laughing now, but you won’t be when the Dark Carnival issues the edict that they should all vote for Ron Paul instead. As one Stranger writer at great personal risk, they are already primed for Paultardery and waiting for the go sign from Gozer or whatever Juggalos worship.

Juggalo Politics [BarackObama.com via Line Out]

  • Roy Keane

    CHARLIE ROSE: “Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope…thanks very much for joining our political discussion this evening. I’m sure a great many people were surprised to hear you opine so eloquently on these topics.”

    VIOLENT J: “It’s been our pleasure, Charlie. Most importantly, everyone – get out there and vote! And buy our new record!”

    CHARLIE ROSE: “Indeed. And the name of your new album?”

    SHAGGY 2 DOPE: “Lick My Love Pump.”

  • Ned Raggett

    Obama himself hasn’t started spraying his rallies with Faygo

    This would propel him to the White House much like Clinton playing sax on Arsenio did. (Kinda.)

  • BigRicks

    Little known fact:

    ICP foretold the race for the 2008 Democratic Nomination on their 1995 album Riddle Box with the song “Chickin’ Huntin.”

  • Jerkwheat

    Are the Juggalos allowed to vote? I just figure with all the felonies and whatnot…

  • dmac

    “One may find it hard to believe that both Barack Obama and The Insane Clown Posse have expressed a strong interest in the rights belonging to those who are currently, or have previously been, incarcerated.” Oh, please, everyone knows ICP and Obama are on the same page on that one.

  • FionaScrapple

    Strange bedfellows and all that…

  • davidm

    As much as people put down ICP, they’re actually quite intelligent and very savvy businesswise.
    Yes, at times they’re goofy, ridiculous & vulgar, but that doens’t meant they can’t make a point.

  • Tenno

    One must ask, can Obama ‘Jackie-chan over that gate?’

    Think deeply folks. MCL! (Much Clown Love!)

  • Anonymous

    Yay for Wonkette! Just when I was thought there was no-one whose opinions I cared even less about than Anna Wintour’s!

  • Rubink

    Imagine the ICP as members of the cabinet. It would be much better than what we have now, but with nicer make-up.

  • Janelleyo

    @Tenno: Can Obama sabu your mom through a coffee table? MCL to you as well.

  • Janelleyo

    @Tenno: but can Obama sabu your mom through a coffee table?

  • DocNoodle


    Most importantly: Will Obama dip his nuts in your soup? BLOOP!


  • Ted Striker

    Wait, did someone just cite a Juggalo comic book as a historical reference?

    It sounded like a million humanities professors cried out, and were suddenly silenced.

  • Lymo

    Obama is nothing more than an illuminati controlled puppet

  • fmrsgtharding

    Speaking as a Conservative Republican AND a Juggalo, I can safely say that the vast majority are intelligent enough to make our own decisions. I served in the US Army for 6 years, I am no longer on Active Duty. I am now attending College full-time for Business Management. Somehow, I find the time to be a great Single Father to two beautiful children.

    Clearly, there are a a very large group of socially inept parasites that like to spew fallacies about all Juggalos. The difference is, we respect each other no matter how different our political or religious views may be.

  • ShOrTyJuggalette

    not all the juggalos have fucking felonies im a juggalette and i dont have one that a steriotype so before you come to assme things why dont yoy talk to a real juggalo or juggalette………..damn

  • ShOrTyJuggalette

    @fmrsgtharding good point people steriotype us way to much and act lke they know us,……, we are all about family and supporting eachother even if we dont have the same beliefs

  • Brad

    Speaking as a Juggalo myself… no way!

    Juggalos subscribe to an in-your-face sort of individualism (perhaps more liberal than Reagan's “rugged” individualism, but same concept).

    Juggalos tend to be more libertarian than liberal, if one must classify them at all. Many that I know (and I know quite a few!) are against the war, pro-individual liberty (i.e. decriminalizing pot), pretty much the government leaving us alone. Juggalos often are the targets of police, whether fairly or unfairly, so we know what Big Brother Government could be like. Personally, I wouldn't want to live in an America where one is targeted based solely upon my looks or affiliation, just as these liberal Democrats are doing to the Tea Partiers right now.

    For my part, I am a registered Republican. I know lots of Juggalos who self-identify as libertarian or conservative, but plenty who self-identify as liberal or even socialst, and plenty more who are a-political.

  • Jeremy

    Juggalo here

    A while back I seen a FAQ on their site about political views (personally I think they have a little more Republican views than most people might think) It more-less said you should vote for who you will benefit the most from… In my opinion, if liberals had their way, there would be a lot more regulations for the internet and maybe music in general, and I think with the type of music ICP puts out, they would be the first to go… Without capitalism there would be no Psychopathic or any other Indie labels for that matter, they wouldn’t have a chance, that’s been proven. So that’s why I think ICP leans to the right.

    Personally, I’m a conservative…