Radiohead on BBC Radio 1

Jan 18th, 2008 // 3 Comments

rainbowwwwsssss.jpgAt least all the recent shameless PR stuntery hasn’t affected Radiohead’s taste in records, and you can listen to them play some while pitching in for BBC DJ Zane Lowe. Highlights: a South Rakkas Crew (or “Rawkus”…way to fire the fact-checkers, Auntie Beeb) stinging dancehall remix of the Bug’s “Poison Dart,” the Holy Fuck’s spine-tingly krautronics, and an XTC’s “Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me).” But then, I think every radio show should feature at least one XTC song. [BBC Radio 1]


  1. brownham

    Word they like MIA just like the rest of the world.


    Kudos on them playing Grizzly Bear

  2. sparkletone

    I found it a pretty charming couple of hours.

    But then if you asked me to put together two hours of radio where I could play (pretty much) anything I wanted… You’d get something a lot like this.

  3. Anonymous

    I particularly enjoyed Thom’s analysis of dubstep.

    This is damn near an ideal set list. There’s very little to argue about here.

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