Diddy’s Latest Sample: Genius Or Horrifying?

Jan 18th, 2008 // 28 Comments

Diddy’s long history of plundering the most obvious pop hits from years past is apparently continuing, as MTV reports that he’s working with Fat Joe on a song based around Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time.” When I told Jess about this news, he just typed “no.” over and over again into his IM window–even though the prospect of a Ma$e remix is high! But his reaction prompted me to let all of you know something: I don’t think “Party All The Time,” which was a Z100 staple back in the station’s earliest days, is all that bad. Sure, Eddie Murphy can’t really sing and the whole song sounds like it’s been coated in an inch-thick layer of blow, but Murphy’s crap voice makes it sort of fun (and easy!) to sing along with. Not to mention that Ted Leo covered it on the street and it made him more money than any other song from Blender‘s worst-songs-ever list. So I throw it to you, readers: Is “Party All The Time” a secret smash, or does it deserve to be swept into history’s dustbin? Poll after the jump.

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Fat Joe Beefs Up LP With Eddie Murphy Cover; Diddy Joins The ‘Party’ Too! [MTV]
Eddie Murphy/Rick James – Party All The Time [YouTube]


  1. Falconfire

    it really isnt that bad. And regardless of how crappy Eddie’s singing is, it beats the pants off the pop trash we have these days who couldnt sing a note to begin with.

  2. Ned Raggett

    If it is done as part of a voodoo ritual to return Rick James to the world of the living, I’m all for it.

  3. SomeSound-MostlyFury

    @Falconfire: I’m sorry, but if Eddie Murphy is an example of how good we had it in the “good old days of pop,” then fuck the good old days, I’m gonna go listen to “Toxic.”

  4. Ned Raggett

    Anyway, compared to something like Don Johnson’s “Heartbeat” or Bruce Willis’s various horrors, this is clearly superior.

  5. janine

    @SomeSound-MostlyFury: Toxic was about half a decade ago; it’s very nearly in the “good old days pile.”

  6. Jerkwheat

    It’s awesome for the video alone

  7. Al Shipley

    Eddie didn’t really reach his zenith as a recording artist until “Whatzupwitu.”

  8. SomeSound-MostlyFury

    @janine: Fine, replace with “Umbrella.”

  9. Jerkwheat

    @Al Shipley: goddamit – now I’m gonna have “what’s up…what’s up….what’s up with youuuuuu” on repeat in my ear

  10. Bro. Hal

    I’ve never understood why this song horrifies/is mocked by so many people. Is it wonderful? No. But it was just as good as most other songs on MTV and the radio at the time, and better than some mentioned above.

  11. ghostyhead

    It truly isn’t any worse than late-period Rick James, except that Eddie clearly can’t sing.

    However, Diddy needs to be shot for sampling it.

  12. beta.rogan

    I love this song in a completely un-ironic fashion, and it disturbs me that puffy is going to potentially ruin it. Added to that, I blame Ma$e for the pop-rap trend of rhyming a word with the same word. I’m pretty sure he was the first example of that. HEY PUFFY! Leave those hits alone….

  13. Nicolars

    I have always loved this song, it’s as catchy as hell and the weakness of Eddie’s voice actually works for this song.

  14. encyclopediablack

    Not even gonna front. I love this song.

    My favorite part of the video is when the entourage acts like it’s the best song they’ve ever heard.

  15. tightwhyte

    Some of the best dancing I’ve ever seen at 2:26.

  16. Tenno

    I’ve loved it ever since I heard it in some 80′s mix. And I sadly love it both ironically and with the fervent passion of all things awesomely bad. And really, is that not which what all songs aspire to be? To suck so hard that they enter into an alternate uiniverse and become a bizarro hit?

    PS: Fuck Diddy! First thing I’m going to note him when I’m his assisstant.

  17. Jasonbob7

    Thanks to KROQ, I had “Sister Christian” stuck in my head ever since my commute this morning. I sat down at my desk and hoped Idolator would take my mind off Night Ranger, only to have this stinking pile of synths and coke worm its way into my ears. C’mon, man! It’s Friday! Cut me some slack…

  18. Jon Can Dance

    Nothing but love for it. It’s a karaoke staple.

  19. edgyspice

    It’s the video that makes this song. I love how everyone in it acts like they’re hearing THE HOTTEST HIT OF THE CENTURY.

  20. AnnoyingFemaleLeadVoiceover

    Seriously. You can’t hate this song while watching the video. Everyone’s sooo confident about the music genius taking place that their bodies can’t even contain it. Watch me clap! Watch me rooock! I’m in a music studio!

    Now “whus up wit u” (or whatever) is the video we need to be focusing on.

  21. Bong14


    Oh, thanks, Jasonbob7, thanks very much indeed. God damn it…. motorin’…

  22. Jasonbob7

    @Bong14: Don’t thank me, thank Kevin & Bean, those wacky morning radio hosts. Bastards!!!

  23. disinterested 3rd party

    The best part is is when Rick James says to Eddie, “Put your phones on , man”. That’s producing….

  24. HUGE_Hefner

    I don’t think “Party All The Time” is all that bad, I even like it, but I know we can all agree that if the rumors are true Diddy will find a way to ruin it forever.

  25. Jon Can Dance

    I can listen to this song with the same frequency my girl likes to party.

  26. mackro

    Ok, first off, how do the two voting options differ? I was trying to vote for both!

    How soon does everyone forget that Eddie Murphy had a more animated musical history before “Party All The Time”? Ok Ok, it was a “comedy” album. But I have very fond memories of “Boogie In Your Butt”

    Eddie Murphy basically allowed himself to be a Rick James protogé for a song, and that was that, which is strange because Murphy’s acting career was just taking off, while James’s career was just falling off the crest.

    And yes, the video is genius in a Lionel Richie “Hello” kinda way. The climax of the video is certainly Rick James’s nod of approval. Then you knew you were watching the making of the best pop song ever.

  27. mackro

    But to actually answer the question, I don’t think Diddy using the beat means it will be ruined. It might actually turn out pretty great. Dare I say it will be better than the original song? Yup, I went there.

  28. Anonymous

    this is actually way worse than I remembered (and have always fantasized about). It’s not terrible, it just isn’t good. It is still fun to sing “party all the time party all the time party all the time” over and over with my friends, but I don’t want to actually hear the song when I do that.

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