2007 in the Mix, Part Three: Think Locally, Listen Globally

Jan 18th, 2008 // 1 Comment

If there’s a theme running through the third and final installment of 2007 in the Mix, our super-sized supplement to Idolator Pop ’07, it’s a curious mixture of localism and globalism. On the home front, the mixes by Minneapolis’s Peter S. Scholtes and Baltimore’s Al Shipley pay tribute to their hometowns (forming a troika with the Chicago-centric mix by the Windy City’s Mairead Case). By contrast, the global dance-music scene gets a nod from Philip Sherburne, while Elisabeth Vincentelli, K. Leander Williams, and Douglas Wolk survey wider terrain. [Idolator Pop '07]


  1. rogerniner

    So what do I have to pay to actually get a copy of all these CD-Rs being made? They look fabulous.

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