Internet Assholes Almost Cause Nate Dogg To Have Second Stroke

Jan 18th, 2008 // 1 Comment

natedogg.jpgGuys, I hate to finish out the week with some sad news, but Nate Dogg is paralyzed on his left side after the stroke he suffered during the holidays. The silver lining? MTV reports that “the prognosis for a full recovery, however, is good… the singer did not suffer any brain damage nor has his voice been affected.” The shitty lining? The completely assholish, but not at all surprising, reaction bloggers had to the incident.

The media interest continued earlier this week when TMZ released an audio clip that McGrew confirmed was Nate Dogg’s girlfriend phoning 911 after the singer collapsed.

The reaction to clip — bloggers joked about the caller’s monotonous tone during such a crisis — drew McGrew’s ire. He said he was dismayed over the interest in such a thing and intends to pursue legal action, although he did not specify what his plans are.

“I’m not sure what people are trying to glean from that tape,” he said. “The diagnosis is what it is, and the prognosis is what it is: He had a stroke. The media wants to create something, but I’m not sure what the point is. If you had an emergency and someone was in your presence, they would call 911.

The offending quote:

TMZ has obtained the 911 call that was made after Nate Dogg — cousin of Snoop Dogg — suffered what was described as a “heart attack” … and you’re not going to believe how nonchalant the caller is! It sounds like she’s calling in about a hangnail — not for a guy whose life’s on the line!

Ah, welcome to the world of the slow blogging day, an ugly thing indeed. Listening to the tape, and maybe this is just because I’d like to think that, even as a generally sarcastic dude, I have a smidge of empathy, I hear Nate’s girlfriend more as stunned and maybe a little scared rather than “nonchalant.” But c’mon, Nate, while this is a pretty shitty cheap shot, don’t agitate your recovery/give them the satisfaction of “legal action.” Your fans want you back!

Nate Dogg Paralyzed After Stroke
Dogg’s “Heart Attack” — Chillest 911 Call Ever [TMZ]


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    Dirty bloggers!!

    *Shakes fists in the air*

    Get well, Nate, we love you!

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