Britney Spears To Return To Her Cover-Girl Heights Again (Sorta)

Jan 21st, 2008 // 2 Comments

78207130.jpgThe next issue of Blender will reportedly feature Britney Spears on its cover, with whatever poor sap who was contracted for the story spending “a month on a Britney safari, following her actions and talking with those closest to her.” (When I think of the words “Britney safari,” I think of the 2001 VMAs, but that could just be the PTSD talking.) While this does square with those reports of the mag needing a Britney body double a few weeks ago, and it certainly will sell copies off the newsstand, wouldn’t an expedition like this be better suited to a blog? Or is the whole story going to be prefaced by an explanation of the concept of “lead times” for less savvy readers? [Page Six / Photo: Getty]


  1. SuperUnison

    So, does this mean that next time I can’t look away from a car accident because there might be a decapitation somewhere in the crumpled metal that that counts as a safari too?

  2. VanillaXtraDry

    does anyone agree with me when i say whoever is allowing this chick to complete interviews/photoshoots should be tortured?

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