“USA Today” Readers Turn Innocuous News Item Into Yet Another Battleground Of The Sexes

Jan 21st, 2008 // 3 Comments

delilahx-large.jpgToday’s bit of Grammy-related news that isn’t related to the writers’ strike: The lead singer of the Plain White T’s has a date to the Feb. 10 awards show, and it’s none other than the titular lady from the band’s inescapable hit “Hey There Delilah.” OK, OK, it’s not really news per se, but it is a sorta-heartwarming story (as long as you forget about the whole “wait, so he’s crossing the picket line too?” thing). But the comment section attached to the USA Today story on the couple’s first date has turned into a heated discussion of whether or not Delilah is really going to the Grammys for the right reasons.

The opening salvo kept it classy, as always:

Harniss wrote: 12h 4m ago
Wow that dude is ugly…

And then the slightly sexist speculation followed! If you want to crank up “Gold Digger” while you’re reading the following posts, by all means please do.

IndaGaddaDavida wrote: 9h 44m ago
I hope she didn’t say “yes” because now he’s famous and has money. That’s kind of sad. I think he should invite someone gorgeous and call that chickie back and say “Hey there Delilah, I’m takin someone better thank you to the Grammy’s.”

HSY wrote: 4h 37m ago
An ugly man looks beautiful when he’s rich and famous. I’m sure Delilah is out to profit off a song named after him. What better way than to go on a date in the a highly public event with cameras and media around. You wouldn’t think she would have said yes to a date at the local steakhouse without media around. Better hope the writers strike doesn’t afffect the grammy or Delilah will actually have to go on a date with him.

And if you thought that was cynical, wait until you see missjudy, who thinks that this is all–heavens!–a marketing stunt for a song whose song has already garnered enough publicity to last at least five news cycles!

missjudy wrote: 3h 8m ago
Tom, congrats on finding someone named Delilah to publicize your song.. Guess I am really a meanie because I am not buying this story at all. But, hey, you both got your picture in USA Today.

Indeed they did. And you got your comment reprinted on a Web site! Everybody wins!

Finally, a true fan weighs in:

djekrmcm13 wrote: 10m ago
I have read stories on these two, and they have been friends for a long time, she just really wasnt interested………and I am happy for him, but I cant help but say that shes in it for the grammys. If she really liked him she would have fell for him when he wrote her that song. I know I would have.

Aww, is that a proposition? Here’s a hint: Change your name to something that rhymes with a word that isn’t djekrmcm13 and you may, some day, get a song of your own dedicated to you.

Plain White T’s singer lands a date with Delilah [USA Today]


  1. taber

    Yikes. That’s it. I’m banning people from writing syrupy sweet pop songs set against acoustic guitar about me and getting them onto Top 40 radio.

  2. bcapirigi

    i’m sorry, but if some fool invited me to the grammys i’d go. what’s wrong with going to the grammys if somebody invites you? (writers’ strike notwithstanding.) it’s not like he invited her to play co-ed naked twister.

  3. Jeffdean

    so she's using him to going to the grammy's, not her fault for taking advantage of it. not like she's the one that asked him to take her.

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