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jonasbros.jpgSome behind-the-gold-and-platinum numbers from Ken Barnes’ RIAA reality check: The Jonas Brothers, despite seeming damn nigh inescapable, have only just gone platinum with their latest full-length–and they haven’t even hit the million-sold mark yet; Kelly Clarkson’s My December also got a platinum plaque despite being about 250,000 copies short of the million-sold mark; and someone greased enough palms to get James Blunt a gold record for his latest album, even though it’s sold 352,000 copies. (Although that number seems very, very high to me, given the loud thud of indifference that greeted the album’s release a few months back.) [Listen Up]

  1. Al Shipley

    Hey, at least they outsold Kelly Clarkson, as prophesied in their stupid “Year 3000″ song.

  2. SuperUnison

    So does this mean that it’s now based on number manufactured instead of number shipped or are there just a lot of record stores that are being forced to open a Jonas Brothers section?

  3. hotshot

    Can someone explain to me how those albums could go platinum and gold without getting the required numbers?

  4. hastings

    re: blunt
    surely the beanie sigel sample accounts for the 148k gilded bump

  5. Al Shipley

    gold and platinum certifications have been awarded for units shipped (not sold) forever, or at least a long time, although the abuse of that gap seems to have gotten worse over time.

  6. MrStarhead

    I assume this means Clarkson and her label have made up, because the label has to apply for certifications, and if they were still pissed at her, they wouldn’t have done it until they absolutely had to.

    And I would note that it’s only been in the last couple of weeks that stacks of Jonas Brothers CDs have been moved to the front rack of “hot” albums at the front of the music store I visit.

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