riaa-error.jpgLOL OMG @ script kiddies taking down the RIAA’s site over the weekend and installing links to the Pirate Bay and error messages that read “FTW”! Surely these pranks will make people around the world take your “all music should be free for me and my friends right now” argument really, really seriously. [TorrentFreak]

  • SuperUnison

    It’s the RIAA, any knee they get it the nuts at least merits a little bit of applause.

  • AL

    @SuperUnison: I think the problem here is that the hack didn’t really have anything to say aside from “FILE SHARING RULEZ ALL MUSIC SHOULD BE FREE”. Sure, the RIAA does a lot of stupid things, and there’s plenty of room for valid protest of their actions, but this was just mindless, pointless, and meaningless.

  • stix

    I’m sorry, this is more immature than RIAA’s “sue our own customers” strategy how?

  • drjayphd

    @aluberalles: There’s easy-to-undo pointless dickbaggery, such as this, and then there’s genuinely harmful pointless dickbaggery, such as the Gizmodo TV-B-Gone Fiasco. Either way, someone’s getting their truly epic LULZ, but the rest of us are shaking our heads.

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