Which Diva Is Forcing Her Producer To Act Like A Bodyguard?

Jan 22nd, 2008 // 29 Comments

Today’s so-easy-you-could-even-call-it-kinda-wack blind item comes from the New York Daily News‘ Gatecrasher: “Which legendary singer is being kept on a tight leash by her producer as she works on her comeback album? She was not allowed to attend a glitzy weekend celebrity event over fears for her sobriety.” [Gatecrasher]

  1. Rob Murphy

    Marie Osmond?

  2. Rob Murphy

    Kathie Lee Gifford?

  3. Whigged

    Kelly Clarkson?

  4. Camp Tiger Claw

    Christie Todd Whitman?

  5. Rob Murphy

    Clay Aiken?

  6. encyclopediablack

    Stacey Q?

  7. Rob Murphy

    Lita Ford?

  8. RodneyJ

    Whoopi Goldberg?

  9. 30f

    Sean John?

  10. Rob Murphy

    Don Johnson?

  11. Ted Striker

    Heather Montag?

  12. Rob Murphy

    Kelly Osbourne?

  13. Richfourfour

    Come on, people. WHITNEY. DUH.

  14. Jack Fear


  15. Silverfuture

    Scott Weiland?

  16. bedpan

    @Richfourfour: I have to agree. duhhhhhhh whitney.

  17. BigRicks

    Tom Brady?

  18. Rob Murphy

    Jack Johnson?

  19. Rob Murphy

    Patrick Stump?

  20. Rob Murphy

    Weird Al?

  21. Rob Murphy

    Garth Brooks?

  22. el smrtmnky

    Hillary Duff?

  23. Rob Murphy

    Chris Gaines?

  24. rad_matter

    @Richfourfour: I’ll second that.

  25. Rob Murphy

    Nicole Scherzinger?

  26. Airsank

    Eddie Murphy?

  27. drjayphd

    Doug Waechter?

  28. Tony

    I know, I know…….Boy George!

  29. blobby

    Elton John?

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