Coachella: The Teeth-Gnashing Continues

Jan 22nd, 2008 // 22 Comments

Roger Waters. Jack Johnson. Slightly Stoopid. The Portishead appearance aside, it would be generous to say that this year’s big-reunion-free Coachella lineup, particularly when compared to years past, is kinda lacking. (Among our commenters’ reactions: “not worth it,” “the weakest lineup in a while,” “I guess I’ll just stay home,” “heartbreaking,” and “Ooooh! Black Kids!!”) But we wanted to put the 2008 bill to the ultimate test: How does this year’s roster of artists fare when you put it up against one of the many fake lineups that were dreamed up by Internet jokers over the past few months? Our poll after the jump. (And no, we didn’t pick one of the fake Coachellas with Radiohead on the bill, because that would have been too much of a blowout.)

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  1. dog door

    Depends. Did Gin Blossoms somehow manage to raise Doug Hopkins from the dead? I still want to know who Jack Johnson is.

  2. sicksteanein

    You had me at Toto.

  3. AL

    @dog door: An acoustic-guitar-chillin’-on-the-beach guy with the same fan base as Dave Matthews Band. He did the soundtrack for the Curious George movie a few years ago. I can’t believe you’ve never heard this: []

  4. Twilly

    I’m wherever LFO is. Because you know what? I am a summertime girl, and I wear Abercrombie and Fitch.

    Chinese food makes me sick.

  5. dog door

    @Sloop Al B: Never heard that. Man. I like to think I’m keeping up with what the kids are listening to. I must be listening to too much Lungfish.

    Plus, I felt really old reading all these comments on Brooklyn Vegan saying “Roger Waters?? LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME.”

  6. mackro

    The Love And Rockets appearance doesn’t make this 100% reunion-free.

  7. The Notorious T

    How dare this prankster phunk with my heart and tease a performance by Gerardo! That’s just mean!

  8. Maura Johnston

    @mackro: hence the modifier ‘big’

  9. El Zilcho!

    Hey, if Extreme play “Get The Funk Out,” then I’m totally there.

  10. mackro

    @maura: well not 128-pt.-font big, but second to Roger Waters is pretty big, although not big enough in a “HOLY SHIT, LOVE AND ROCKETS!” kinda way, granted.

  11. michaelpop

    I guess everyone’s got their own definition of “big”, but to some people, the Verve and the Breeders would qualify.

  12. Maura Johnston

    @michaelpop: The Verve I’ll give you, but the Breeders put out an album in 2002! (Although if this lineup has Josephine Wiggs back in the fold I’ll make an exception to that statement.)

  13. Audif Jackson Winters III

    It would be fantastic if the poster read “Jack Johnson: Curious George Soundtrack”, a la Waters.

  14. Nunya B

    Every single fake Coachella poster had Sara Bareilles lurking around somewhere in its depths. I hate the real Coachella poster for not being sensible enough to capitalize on the joke.

  15. Spiny Norman

    It’s all about Dimitri from Paris…

  16. Silverfuture

    I vote for the poster you put up earlier with Deltron 3030 on it. I just want to know if The Automator is still alive.

  17. kiteless

    @Silverfuture: He’s fine, you know he defies the laws of nature right?

    Is everyone really that upset by this lineup? Really? You get the Verve, Portishead, Roger Waters, Spiritualized, Kraftwerk, My Morning Jacket, Animal collective… It seems like it has something for everyone. It might be the most balanced concert they’ve ever thrown.

  18. dog door

    @kiteless: naw, people just like to bitch. I saw Spiritualized back in 2001 on the Let it Come Down tour and it was a stunning, amazing, beautiful show.

  19. GhostOfDuane

    You haven’t lived until you’ve seen an En Vogue light show.

  20. pwbk

    You had me at En Vogue.

  21. Anonymous

    MC Scat Cat is Andrew Ridgely 2.0

  22. Anonymous

    Does the seemingly awkward addition of The Ranconteurs mean that we may never have the chance to hear Jack White belt out ‘Coooooonqueeeeeeeeeeeeeest’ live and in concert? Damn you, Meg!

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