Andrew WK Tickles Some Moist Ivories

Jan 22nd, 2008 // 5 Comments

This mention of a recent Andrew WK show where Mssr. Wilkes-Krier “hunched over a piano hugging stage left [and] sprinted through a half-hour of newly penned songs and covers punctuated by the occasional bout of free-form ivory pummeling” before he “sat down and tore through I Get Wet’” for an encore reminded me of how awesome this all-natural ode to party-induced perspiration (or less family-friendly secretions) remains after six years. Not particularly good for writer’s block, though, as it tends to reduce me to grunts, flailing orangutan-esque arm gestures, and the occasional adjective like “awesome.” At least that’s two syllables. [Vulture / YouTube]

  1. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Nothing witty to say. Just letting you guys know I approve of any and all things Andrew WK. Please keep it up.

    Your friend,

  2. bigmonkeycar

    This was a surprisingly moving, amazing show, despite it being hotter than summer balls in the back of Pianos. Andrew WK came off like the stepchild of Elton John, Smog, and Lambchop. No joke. And no irony, either–this was some sincere shit. Awesome.

  3. GBirdii

    I want to party hard with that guy.

  4. Anonymous

    The show kinda sucked. I admire him for playing it straight the whole set, but his material that he premiered was by in large awful. At least his “AWK” stuff had catchy melodies and energy. The encore singalong of “Get Wet” was fantastic though.

  5. Garrison Dean

    AWK… the best. I am glad that he is laying low and weathering the tempermental storm that is the bloggosphere (shudder) overhyping every new thing then crapping on it when it gets popular, or changes, or doesn’t change. He may come out the other end looking like… the actual talented artist that he is.

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