Jan 22nd, 2008 // 7 Comments

jesse_camp.jpgFrom the “even the most hideously broken clocks can be sorta useful once in a while” department: TMZ has tracked down former MTV “personality” Jesse Camp, an old-school Internet novelty who is now 28 and existing somewhere in southern California. He has a girlfriend! And opinions on Kenny Rogers’ plastic surgery! And enough money to buy himself a really nice camera, somehow! [TMZ]

  1. Lucas Jensen

    I walked behind him and a pal in the East Village in 1998 or something, and dude was talking all normal and stuff. What a liar.

  2. Darth Funk

    his dad was my history professor in college. couldn’t be more different.

  3. Jess Harvell

    much as daughtry lost the battle but won the war, somewhere dave holmes just read this story and enjoyed a sip of wine paid for with best week ever residuals.

  4. Dick Laurent is dead.

    He’s alive?!

  5. michaelpop

    He’s only 28?!?!? I thought dude was at least 45 by now.

    I saw him outside a show at the Henry Fonda in LA maybe a year ago. Walked right past him until my friend said, “hey, that’s Jesse Camp”. I turned around and said, “Wow, it is”. The end.

  6. Silverfuture

    @jessdolator: Hell, Dave Holmes has some of that Reno 911 money, too.

  7. Anonymous

    Of course HE landed on his feet, but won’t someone think of the (8th Street) children?!?!?

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