Ghostface Is Not Sure That His MySpace Friends Are Really His Pals

Jan 23rd, 2008 // 3 Comments

Ghostface is tired of using technology, at least as far as street-teaming goes. In the above clip, he laments the fact that, while he has 115,000 MySpace friends, his album The Big Doe Rehab only scanned about 30,000 copies–actually, it was 36,000–in its first week on shelves. And dude does have a point, one that anyone who ever tried to get their e-pals to help them move, attend a reading, or show up at an outerborough bar on a frigid weeknight can probably identify with. But really, is claiming that anyone who buys his album and provides him with proof of purchase will get some Ghostface time the best way to manage the gap between virtual friendship and the real thing? Because 115,000 meet-and-greets takes up a lot of time that could be spent doing, well, anything else. [YouTube via Nah Right]

  1. loudersoft

    I was already buying this record, now I’m buying it and testing this out. Tony Starks, get ready to spit the unrehearsed verse and curse.

  2. stephenbush

    Hey, I bought it!

  3. JDR

    Didn’t Sebastian Bach make this same argument a month or so ago?

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