portishead.jpgFrom the Portishead Web site, a little bit of news that rendered both halves of the Idolator team unable to communicate in anything but emoticons using smiling faces: “We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be releasing our album, titled THIRD. on April 14th 2008. The album has 11 tracks and is 49 minutes 13 seconds long.” [Portishead.co.uk]

  • thumps

    I’m smiling too. Portishead rule. I’m just hoping a US tour covers some ground (aside from Coachella). I saw them in Austin in 1997 – great show, and would love to see them again.

  • Ned Raggett

    Long, long overdue…and I can’t wait.

  • sparkletone

    It’s going to be great, I’m sure.

    But, man. That title. The Stereogum comment snark is already written. “THIRD? MORE LIKE TURD AMIRITE?”

  • loudersoft

    Oh, Newton Crosby, I am standing here beside myself.

  • Deadly Tango

    The Bristol “All Tomorrows Parties” set (from this past December) featured five new songs — all quite good from the recording I heard.

  • taber

    OH BAM. OH. SNAP. I’m not going to bust out the emoticon smiley faces, because y’all have already called dibs on that, but, seriously. That’s beyond exciting.

    I’m going to look for more copies of some of the crummy recording from the ATP thing immediately. There were some videos on the YouTubes but it seems all but a few have been disappeared.

  • Dick Laurent is dead.


  • loudersoft

    Partying like it’s 1997 up in this piece!