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weezer.jpgWeezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has been hinting that he plans to publish his memoirs for some time now, but perhaps the delay is understandable considering the backlog of material: “I’m still working on most every day and I really enjoy it…Right now I have eight volumes sketched out.” Will the world ever really be ready for eight volumes of hand-wringing over one guy’s creepy thing for Asian teenagers? [Gigwise]

  1. Anonymous

    I imagine it’s something like Henry Fool’s Confessions.

  2. Nicolars

    Memoirs of a geisha-hound

  3. JudgeFudge

    Albums, Rivers! Remember? Not Memoirs! ALbums! Do something again like those first two albums, and everyone will buy it and love it! Don’t write a book or release a collection demos, make good full-length albums!!!!

  4. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    I imagine he just cribbed it from someone else’s hardwork:

    Dear Journal,

    I think the girl I like, Patty Mayonaise, is a lesbian. Pink triangles on her sleeve shirt are a good indicator. Also, Chalky Studebaker is better at soccer then me.

    Say it ain’t so,
    Doug Funny.

  5. SuperUnison

    I’d be way more pumped to see the encyclopedia of pop that he spent like 10 years on.

  6. Dick Laurent is dead.

    @lastclearchance: We should be so lucky, my guess is a word-for-word copy of his ‘private’ Xanga.

  7. amandacobra

    I am already bored by his memoirs and he hasn’t even started writing them yet.

  8. saltwater

    Finally! A look inside the wild world of the most emotionally demostrative pop singer of his generation. This will even top the time in Cyndy Lauper’s unauthorized bio where it was shockingly revealed that she supported the increased role of fun in young women’s lives everywhere.

  9. queensissy

    @lastclearchance: I don’t think he could hack it as a janitor, though.

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