The Moldy Peaches Get Their Mouths Washed Out Against Their Will

Jan 24th, 2008 // 8 Comments

Flush from their View appearance promoting the almost-chart-topping Juno soundtrack, the Moldy Peaches have recently discovered that they’re also big in Chile, thanks to an ad for Pepsodent that used their song “Jorge Regula” without their consent. While the ad’s concept is actually kind of sweet (look for its “rolling around the world in a liplock” idea to be ripped off by at least three indie-rock videos in the next six months), it must be odd for Kimya Dawson and Adam Green to realize that they’ve been promoting squeaky-clean smiles without their knowledge, what with their music being sorta notorious for its foul-mouthedness in the pre-Ellen Page days. [YouTube via NME]

  1. Kate Richardson

    How odd!

  2. queensissy

    They control their own publishing on the song, so I’m finding it hard to believe that this was done without their knowledge. Chile is not some lawless frontier when it comes to copyright. Maybe Adam’s reps told him and he forgot, or never opened that email?

  3. amandacobra

    There’s is no way that this was done “without their permission” however it’s totally believable that the sentence “oh yeah and we’re gonna license your music for something in Chile” wasn’t the biggest attention getter.

  4. bigmonkeycar

    Too bad this is also an EXACT replica of an Ax Body Spray commercial that screened in movie theaters, in which a kissing couple tumbles down a hill, through some farmer’s fields, off a cliff, and into an ocean. Oops!

  5. Anonymous

    Current Moldy Peaches backlash aside, I’ve always been really tickled by this song. I’ve always wondered about the derivation of that little motif the tuba plays, and then they hum later. It’s the same little line from WAR’s “Low Riders,” is it not? Does it go back to some musical antecedent before that?

  6. Oldboy

    So..uhh..who’s got the crack?

  7. Anonymous

    @bigmonkeycar: Too bad this has been on youtube since May 2006 (and if the description is to be believed is award-winning) and the Axe ad (by British firm Bartle Bogle Hegarty) was from January 2007. Oops!

  8. mekju

    @lastclearchance: The Axe commercial was before Jan. 2007. I remember watching it back in the States way before coming to Korea the same month.

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