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AP080120039906.jpgAs it turns out, reports that Diddy had changed his name to Sean John were really just the result of… uh, well, I’m not really sure what to call it. Multiple mogul-personality disorder? Obsessive-compulsive Google Newsing? Here, see if you can come up with a name for it. Straight from the e-pen of the man’s flack, the explanation: “Recent reports of a name change are totally false, he is still Diddy…. He is currently in ‘Sean John’ mode as the upcoming Sean John fashion show is scheduled for February 8 in New York.” [MTV / Photo: AP]

  1. thearcanemodel


  2. Cos

    Sean Combs with John Stamos. Sean + John. Sean John. Hilarious.

  3. queensissy

    I think in all fairness that he should give a nickname back whenever he takes a new one.

  4. Anonymous

    Uncle Jesse is that you? What’s next Kimmie Gibbler discovered to be Amy Winehouse’s dealer?
    (Attack of Full House cast members on media outlets)

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