Suicide Plot Concocted By Hannah Montana Hater Foiled By Tennessee Authorities

Jan 25th, 2008 // 5 Comments

79101043.jpgYou think you hate our new tween pop overlords? In a daring act of dumbassery, a teenager on his way from California to Nashville actually planned to hijack the plane he was traveling on and crash it into a Hannah Montana concert in Louisiana using only duct tape, rope, and handcuffs. Low tech! Thankfully my meal ticket survived, since the kid either wised up or wussed out or screwed up somewhere along the way, getting his butt arrested after the plane landed in one piece in Nashville. At least that’s the story that was circulated by local Nashville TV, though the FBI has its doubts as to just how deep his distaste for HM actually ran.

[FBI spokesperson George] Bolds dismissed earlier broadcast reports that the teen was planning to crash the plane into a ”Hannah Montana” concert in Lafayette, La.

Bolds said it has not been determined if the boy was trying to crash the plane. He said authorities searched the teen’s home in California and found a mock cockpit.

Maybe he was actually trying to get to a Jonas Brothers concert? Whichever Radio Disney star was his intended target, if indeed he was on an anti-pop rampage, the FBI sez they didn’t have too much to worry about:

”His plan had a low probability of success,” Bolds said.

Teen Arrested In Hijacking Plot [Chicago Sun-Times]
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  1. jt.ramsay

    Anyone know the whereabouts of commenter heyzeus?

  2. loudersoft

    If he was trying to get to either of these concerts, I’m sure he had a moment of clarity realizing what he was wasting his precious youth on and it pushed him over the edge. I’m just grateful he’s still alive.

  3. okiedoke

    If you have duct tape, there’s no need for rope or handcuffs. Over prepared, somewhat anal, missed his chance because he couldn’t decide which to use. Then the plane landed, and the opportunity was gone. Perhaps there’s a song in here.

  4. Anonymous

    Disney-fueled publicity stunt gone wrong?

  5. loudersoft

    @capnbecki: Give Disney more credit than that. Believe me, if the mouse wants someone dead, he’ll make it happen.

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