Jan 25th, 2008 // 5 Comments

kurtloder.jpgKurt Loder is going to be on this Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons–because it’s an “episode about the ’90s”–but what he really wants to do is play a victim on Law & Order: SVU. Dude, at least if you go on Criminal Intent, your character might be able to die with a little more dignity. Just saying! [MTV]

  1. Dickdogfood

    Law & Order: Criminal Intent: where death by nonconsensual S&M is less likely an option!

  2. Dickdogfood

    BTW, has there been any Gawker-related L&O storylines yet? I’ve kinda spaced on the last few seasons of all the franchises and I figure I must’ve have any episode involving an Australian-accented character named “Rick Benton” and his nasty gossip website.

  3. Lucas Jensen

    That Sadgasm picture is hilarious.

  4. rina

    @dickdogfood: Yeah – on SVU Benson and Stabler were hunting down some John McEnroe look-a-like using a Gawker Stalker-like site.

  5. Chris Molanphy

    Loder on Simpsons?

    South Park did it!

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