Chicago TV “News” Report Flogs Emo’s Dead Horse

Jan 25th, 2008 // 17 Comments

emo5.pngIf there’s one thing that could make a local TV news “trend” report even more pitiful, it’s crappy college emo, and Chicago’s Fox affiliate has produced a segment on the emo lifestyle and its hidden dangers to prove this very point. And in the grand tradition of local TV news, this report is heavy on the melodramatic voiceover and about five years behind the curve.

The report includes: a goofy, vaguely sarcastic delivery of the word emotional (“emotional“); a helpful definition of the emo genre from some pasty suburban milquetoasts; some home video of a schoolyard emo beatdown (a result of “the emo backlash”); a not-so-veiled assertion by the reporter that emo is “just too wimpy”; an acoustic jam session in a tastefully decorated recreation nook; and, of course, emo-kid YouTube videos. The producers also tragically lump Blink 182 and Green Day in with the genre, apparently oblivious to the hardly subtle difference between scatologically inclined pop punk bands and the quavering outburst that is Dashboard Confessional. But then, local news has never been famous for nuance.

Featured local band Addison Park has a lineup of stereotypes: there’s the guy with a beanie cap, the dude in a plaid shirt, the hoodie-wearing keyboardist, and the sensitive lead singer in tight sweater. And their music is a few clicks south of mediocre to boot. If anything, the report is a terrifying warning against the dangers of the Chicago suburbs, a place where “emo music thrives.”

Emo Music Thrives In Chicago [, via]

  1. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Are kids so lame now that this is the “warning” story for parents. I remember when I was in high scool and the news was warning parents that if your kid carrys around a pacifer she’s probably on X and goes to raves. Now what? Your kid has backwards hair he’s probably a little cry baby douche?

  2. SomeSound-MostlyFury

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: I feel like its more of an indictment of shitty parenting. Kids who need to rebel realize that their parents are too oblivious or just don’t give a shit if their kids are drunk and high every night, so instead they cry and talk about cutting themselves. Because no matter what your opinion on drugs and alcohol, NO PARENT wants their kid to turn out to be a little pussy.

  3. Anonymous

    This really makes me long for the days of Satanism paranoia.

  4. loudersoft

    @fountainandfairfax: I want that guy with the mullet on cable playing Emo records backwards talking about secret satanic messages in Dashboard Confessional songs.

  5. SuperUnison

    Emo is just another way for white people to get off on feeling like victims instead of taking responsibility. You know, like ADHD.

  6. Airsank

    Did they just call Green Day an emo band?

  7. OingoBobo

    Emo Phillips.

  8. SmedIndy

    Ric Romero says that kids dig that loud rock-and-roll.

  9. Anonymous

    Hey everyone. To begin with, I’d like to start by saying that all opinions and discussions are viable and accepted with open arms. Secondly, being a member of the band Addison Park, I’d like to get a chance to defend not only myself but all those involved in the segment on FOX news chicago. I play guitar in Addison Park and was the kid wearing the quote unquote Beanie. Now on to my point. The 3 minute segment that was shown on FOX News took the 2 hours of footage we shot and showed a dumbed down, misconstrued version of what we said. IT’S THE NEWS. is anyone surprised by this? We explained to Mark what emo music really is, where it started, and where it is at this point it time. Bands such as the promise ring, jimmy eat world, and SDR were mentioned but apparently on def ears. THe only time bands such as Green Day or Blink 182 were mentioned was in discussing our influences as a POP PUNK BAND. You heard me right, we’re Pop Punk and proud of it. We never proclaimed ourselves to be emo except when speaking about bands we look up to and respect, and in the spectrum of what emo has become, lyrically we might be considered emo-esque, a la fall out boy. We also discussed why it’s not the emo label that gets kids beat up in school, its just the way they dress and act which is no different then, well, always. We talked about the fact that there are kids out there who are mopy and anti-social, as there always have been, and because of the fact that they dress like hardcore kids or scenesters that means they’re weak. It doesn’t matter what era you look at, there are kids who are picked on and stereotyped in school, and it’ll always be this way. When we play shows we don’t classify our crowd as emo or punk, we classify it as people who love music, as do we. This wasn’t a ploy to plug our music or make ourselves look like “the next big thing”. We were asked about venues we’d played at and what future plans were and some of those facts made it into the final product. We were told the interview would be about the fact that kids in certain highschools were getting picked on and assaulted because they’ve been stereotyped as emo, when in fact it’s because of the fact that they’re different. It doesnt’ matter if they’re hardcore kids, punk kids, goths, nerds, screamos, metal heads, or any other stereotyped group of kids, there’s always a problem in school with being picked on for being different. So please, all we’re asking for is that you respect our opinions and don’t beleive that the ignorence portrayed on the news was because that’s what we believe. We believe in loving music and life and having fun and helping other people to have fun or just be themselves. Again, we are a POP PUNK BAND who have always been that way and regardless of what you think of our music, and you don’t have to like us, you can even hate our music, just please allow us to speak our minds about what was shown and respect our opinions. Brorawk 4 life

    -glenn eck and Addison Park

  10. Anonymous

    to clarify, kids are picked on in school, have always been, and always will be. just because they dress differently or act differently warrants getting beat up? we think its wrong what happens to kids in highschool, whether it be based on the fact that they dress like they listen to bless the fall or because they hang out with a different crowd, the “elite” kids in these schools who think they control the halls of adolescence decide to show their right of passage from kid asshole to adult asshole by beating up a defenseless kid. Just know we talked about this in our interview, but again, it wasn’t used. It sux what happens to these kids and it’s not that their “emo”. it’s because they’re different in any sense of the word. I, for one, love mozart. So because i dont like Dave Matthews band that warrants an ass whooping? i’ll defend my musical taste till the end


  11. MrStarhead

    Those Addison Park guys sound like Fall-Out Boy crossed with the Cars. Which is actually kinda cool.

  12. MrStarhead

    OK, to correct myself, that first song sounded like FOB crossed with the Cars. The other three weren’t as good.

  13. Kate Richardson

    @nfgrocker: I love you beanie guitar player. I wrote this post and also I’m vaguely intoxicated right now so I didn’t make it all the way through your comment, but I’m sure it was valid. I’m sorry I called your band a few clicks south of mediocre. I only said it because I felt it to be true, but it’s nothing personal. Y’all are just doing what you do and there’s nothing wrong with that. Keep emoing all the way to the bank, I say. One day truly nasty fan fiction will be written about you. Mark my words!

  14. Anonymous

    hey kaate. i totally respect your opinion about us and god bless you for feeling you can speak your mind. we know not everyone will like us, and some people might think we suck, it comes with the territory. i think dave mathews band sucks but i respect them and what they do. there’s a reason they’re big. Just to clarify again though. we’re not emo, none of us consider ourselves emo or an emo band. We think we’re scene to a small extent because, you guessed it, we’re part of the music scene and are good friends with kids in the local chicago scene. All this said, thanks for responding back, God bless getting tanked, and have a good day


  15. Captain Wrong

    @NFGROCKER, TLDR. Thanks anyway though.

  16. scarletvirtue

    @MrStarhead: Hmmmm, you know, Patrick Stump singing “Drive” might sound pretty good.

  17. Kate Richardson

    You’re all right by me, Glenn. Sorry you got lumped in with the emos. I mean I would say you’re more Dashboard Confessional emo than pointy black hair/tight jeans emo, if that’s any consolation.

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