Vineland Music Festival Scrapped

Jan 25th, 2008 // 3 Comments

Festival.jpgThose of you who enjoy sweating out in fields and paying lots of money for bottled water might want to pour a $5 Aquafina out for the first festival to bite the dust in 2008: The Vineland Music Festival, which was set to bring bands to Vineland, N.J. between Aug. 8 and 10. A rep for festival promoters C3 Presents confirmed to The Daily Journal that the South Jersey festival will be scrapped. Reasons for cancellation include All Points West, the not-Coachella festival that promoters AEG Live and Goldenvoice are planning to hold in Jersey City that weekend, as well as “several large amphitheater shows in Philadelphia and Camden (N.J.) scheduled for that same week.” Community opposition to the festival probably didn’t help matters much, either. Organizers are planning to reschedule the festival for summer 2009, although as you might guess, I’m kinda skeptical that it’ll come off. [The Daily Journal]


  1. loudersoft

    God knows there weren’t enough of these festivals losing money in the U.S. already. Sad, but not unexpected.

  2. Anonymous

    wow, i was raised in NJ but never thought of it as a place to catch a music festival. they better have some good up-and-coming local acts, i don’t just want to go back there for a bunch of crap i could catch in chicago too.

  3. bnb614

    Hopefully they will have the festival in 2009 and move it somewhere that actually wants the revenue the festival would bring in. In a slowing economy you would think NARC would want revenue for their shitty city.

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