The Futureheads Engage In Some Controlled Chaos

Jan 25th, 2008 // Comment

futureheaddds.jpgBritish spaz-punks The Futureheads have posted a new song to their MySpace page, and I definitely think it needs to be released from the confines of its embedded player to be properly appreciated; it’s one of those tracks that needs to be listened to repeatedly in order to get it. See, “The Beginning Of The Twist” starts off sounding so straightforward as to be almost kinda glammy, but as things move along an advancing horde of background singers almost menacingly harmonizes its way to the song’s forefront. Given that the Futureheads’ greatest strengths are always brought to the fore when the members indulge their reform-school glee club urges, that chaotic chorale actually serves as a backwards complement to the song’s restrained opening, so anyone within listening range can hear the band limbering up for whatever “twist” is being referred to in the title, whether it’s the dance or a plot kink. [MySpace via A to Z]

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