Relive The MTV Of 24 Years Ago… Today

Because the Internet is magic, I am now about 30 minutes into three hours‘ worth of MTV from 1983, happily humming Huey Lewis’ “Heart and Soul” over and over like a borderline psychopath. Three hours! In addition to all the commercials (man, I want a ZZ Top keychain) and the videos (Night Ranger were pretty slick, weren’t they?), these Google Video time capsules are a reminder of how people got their music news before blogs: from affable dorks with big, possibly permed hair and a relaxed demeanor. This guy woulda been eaten alive by a TRL crowd. Speed it up, Goodman! [Google Video via Torr]

  • sicksteanein

    It’s like watching public access.

  • drjimmy11

    it’s classic rock radio with a camera pointed at the DJ>

  • Jerkwheat

    Jesus this is amazing

  • JohnDoe

    I don’t understand. THIS is what people are talking about when they get all weepy about the “real” MTV? Jesus…I’m going to watch “Life Of Ryan.”

  • the earl grey

    i want that shirt in white wih sleeves. or black

    i have ghost in the machine 81 its far rarer.

    god mark goodman a sleeeless tee – cosmic ouchies
    give us martha quinn


  • brandonsoderberg

    this even has the commercials!!!

  • Dickdogfood

    Holy fucking fucking fuck. I haven’t seen pure uncut MTV in so long–it feels so goddamn unfamiliar I’m not sure I can even recognize this as cultural product.

  • AL

    uhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhh uehhhehrrhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    Tell me someone else has seen Marc Goodman hosting “Illinois Instant Riches” for the Illinois Lottery on WGN. He has this creepy banter with his painted-up game show hussy that puts Chuck Woolery’s Lingo shenanigans to shame.

  • MrStarhead

    Cambridge cologne sponsored the Police tour? The non-Jim Morrison Doors were out of money and shilling on their legacy by 1983? I can get the new Asia, Black Sabbath, and ZZ Top LPs for $6.99, PLUS a free poster? Holy crap!

  • Taylor Special

    Doors haters should die! If there were any that is