Relive The MTV Of 24 Years Ago… Today

Jan 25th, 2008 // 11 Comments

Because the Internet is magic, I am now about 30 minutes into three hours‘ worth of MTV from 1983, happily humming Huey Lewis’ “Heart and Soul” over and over like a borderline psychopath. Three hours! In addition to all the commercials (man, I want a ZZ Top keychain) and the videos (Night Ranger were pretty slick, weren’t they?), these Google Video time capsules are a reminder of how people got their music news before blogs: from affable dorks with big, possibly permed hair and a relaxed demeanor. This guy woulda been eaten alive by a TRL crowd. Speed it up, Goodman! [Google Video via Torr]


  1. sicksteanein

    It’s like watching public access.

  2. drjimmy11

    it’s classic rock radio with a camera pointed at the DJ>

  3. Jerkwheat

    Jesus this is amazing

  4. JohnDoe

    I don’t understand. THIS is what people are talking about when they get all weepy about the “real” MTV? Jesus…I’m going to watch “Life Of Ryan.”

  5. the earl grey

    i want that shirt in white wih sleeves. or black

    i have ghost in the machine 81 its far rarer.

    god mark goodman a sleeeless tee – cosmic ouchies
    give us martha quinn


  6. brandonsoderberg

    this even has the commercials!!!

  7. Dickdogfood

    Holy fucking fucking fuck. I haven’t seen pure uncut MTV in so long–it feels so goddamn unfamiliar I’m not sure I can even recognize this as cultural product.

  8. AL

    uhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhh uehhhehrrhhhhh

  9. Anonymous

    Tell me someone else has seen Marc Goodman hosting “Illinois Instant Riches” for the Illinois Lottery on WGN. He has this creepy banter with his painted-up game show hussy that puts Chuck Woolery’s Lingo shenanigans to shame.

  10. MrStarhead

    Cambridge cologne sponsored the Police tour? The non-Jim Morrison Doors were out of money and shilling on their legacy by 1983? I can get the new Asia, Black Sabbath, and ZZ Top LPs for $6.99, PLUS a free poster? Holy crap!

  11. Doors haters should die! If there were any that is

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