“American Idol”: The Smoke And Mirrors Continue

Jan 28th, 2008 // 4 Comments

The above clip shows the American Idol audition of Kyle Reinneck, the Jake Shears-gone-demonic auditioner whose performance of “Never Again” sent him packing during the Dallas audition episode two weeks ago. Or does it? If Reinneck is to be believed, the clip above is actually the product of some creative editing, and the judges’ nasty comments about his weirdo stage presence are all in reference to his performance of a different song! Oh man, is this going to inspire some Zapruder-like scrutiny.

But Reinneck, 20, said he didn’t even sing the Clarkson song, “Never Again” in front of the judges. He actually sang “Disease” by Matchbox 20.Before a contestant goes in front of the three judges “you have interviews and you practice in the room, but you’re in front of producers and at any time they can let you go. So that was one of the times (I performed) before (singing in front of) the judges,” Reinneck said.

He said most of Randy, Paula and Simon’s reactions — including Simon saying the performance was slightly demonic — that were shown on the program were authentic, however, he thinks the art of editing played a role as well.

“I think some of them were added to (the segment), unless my mind was jumbled around, which it could’ve been because it was in that moment,” Reinneck said, adding that the editing didn’t come as too much of a surprise.

“It’s reality TV, so I knew some of the editing would take place. The biggest shocker was that the song was changed but other than that I kind of expected it,” he said.

Watching the clip above, it’s easy to see how the performance could have been edited–particularly since the episode was in Dallas and playing the Kelly Clarkson factor to the hilt. Although it also seems plausible that Reinneck’s brain is starting to absorb the UV rays from all those tanning sessions he’s taking. Still, it seems like this season of American Idol is giving the viewing public fewer and fewer things to actually believe in! What’s the next big secret that’s going to be revealed? Did Renaldo LaPuz actually have a deal with Simon Fuller many years ago?

Life after ‘American Idol’ [Suburban Journals via MJ's Big Blog]

  1. Audif Jackson Winters III

    The producers must ask contestants to perform a particular song so that they can put together those “multiple contestants trying out with the same song, badly.” You can tell because some of the rejected contestants are later seen singing the montage song, even though they had been rejected singing a different song.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if they took rehersal performances and performances in front of Randy/Paula/Simon, and edited them together to look like a single performance in front of the judges. There was a contestant earlier in the year who noticeably had large earrings, and then didn’t have large earrings, during what was supposedly a single performance.

  2. Hamster-Style

    Get out! You’re saying that this supposed ‘reality TV’ is manipulated by the producers?? I call shenanigans on this idea.

  3. matthew

    So signing a contract that gives 19 Entertainment the rights in perpetuity throughout the universe to your name, likeness, voice, etc., leads to creative editing? That outcome was *totally* unforeseen!

  4. Mary

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: that is true…I remember last season someone took some footage of the waiting room during the Minneapolis auditions, while the producers piped “Kiss” over the speakers so that all the contestants could learn it and sing it as part of their audition, “Kiss” being the episode’s “local song that everyone butchers”. I imagine that “Never Again” was given the same treatment in that ep. Nothing shocking, though.

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