“Blender” Openly Admits To Using Photoshop On Its New Issue’s Cover


Here’s the long-rumored Blender cover featuring “Britney Spears,” or rather a composite thereof; the cover accompanies a lengthy, depressing story covering her current career as a paparazzi object/wreck, one that’s probably best summed up by the line “Disasters, not music, have become her product.” You do have to wonder, though, if future issues of Blender will include such full disclosure about the photo-manipulation running wild within its pages! At the very least, they could provide a back-of-the-issue tutorial on how to use Photoshop to make subjects’ abs glisten in just the right way.

Britney Spears: The Road To Ruin [Blender]
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[Image via Blender]

  • Poubelle

    That picture is really undermining the “Chicks don’t have to be Tila Tequila” quote on the side.

  • Michaelangelo Matos

    “Chicks don’t have to be Tila Tequila . . . unless they want to be on the cover of this magazine!”

  • ZipZapZopZoup

    That’s not the first time they’ve done this and been open about it. They did the same with Dave Chappelle a few years back.

  • bcapirigi

    i remember the issue of jane with lisa marie presley on the cover where in the letter from the editor jane pratt said that she was depressed that the cover cost $11000 to photoshop. or something like that.

  • Camp Tiger Claw

    Also, the cover makes it sound like Lenny Kravitz is still alive.

  • Michaelangelo Matos

    Camp Tiger Claw FTW

  • natepatrin

    Apparently Kravitz’s tour is called the “Love Revolution” tour, which I think should get him some of that easily-confused Ron Paul supporter money. (Too bad they use the gold standard.)

  • janine

    That Britney stand-in has freakish baby/cartoon character hands.

  • Dick Laurent is dead.

    I love the juxtaposition of her haggard face (current) with the pristine-perfect body(-parts, no doubt a composite) of her past…surreal.

  • Al Shipley

    Is there any word on whether someone at Blender actually took the Britney picture from which the head was photoshopped onto a body double? Or did they just grab a headshot from Google Image Search (which is what it looks like, since her face looks a little younger than in recent photos there)?

  • The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    The ciggy’s and Red Bull is the most accurate thing in the picture.

    I don’t get the tiny child hands.

  • Cheap Shot

    Wow, I knew Blender was low on the intellegence meter but this is amazingly tardo.

  • OingoBobo

    They suck at Photardshop.

  • Anonymous

    “That, sadly, is not her body.”

    Feminism strides forward!

  • Cheap Shot

    good photoshop: [www.vh1.com]

  • Da7e

    And yet, Cracked who so artfully photoshopped their covers on a weekly basis went under.

    Le sigh.

  • http://www.stickybusiness.com Labels

    Um…creepy psycho stare and those little baby hands could never squish a great big can of red bull like that…