Bark Psychosis Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight

Jan 28th, 2008 // 6 Comments

Early Brit post-rock band Bark Psychosis never got to bless 120 Minutes with one of the stunning grooves from its 1994 album Hex, where enveloping dub bass wound through funereal jazz syncopations, coated in spine-tingly washes of reverbed guitar. (And with that I’ve used up my rock critic-y adjective count for the week. But you really do need to buy that album.) Still, while I assume this lo-fi-ish clip for the dreamy “Absent Friend” is fan-made, its slow, fuzzy, unobtrusive washes of street lamps at night fit the song perfectly well. And if the song’s a little too glacially paced for your taste, um, perhaps this vintage Hamburglar ad instead? [YouTube]

  1. Ned Raggett

    But you really do need to buy that album.

    Yes, and yes indeed, and yes again.

  2. stephenbush

    I’ll second that, Ned.

  3. Dick Laurent is dead.

    I’ve only heard Dustsucker…oh well, what’s more music-related debt at this point, right?

  4. almostred

    Kudos for pulling a diamond out of your…hat. Bark Psychosis was the last thing I expected to encounter here, short of an expose on latter-period Banana Splits. Check out “Independency” too, and the deeply disturbing cover of “Three Girl Rhumba” on the mid 90′s Wire Tribute. Post-rock, indeed.

  5. Lucas Jensen

    @stephenbush: And third…I see the love thrown at Grizzly Bear and stuff and just think about how this band totally was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  6. Shippy

    This album is one of my all-time top 5. Thanks for maybe alerting a few more people to its presence.

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