Panic At The Disco Still Know How To Put On A Big Show

Jan 29th, 2008 // 8 Comments

panicatthehouse.jpgARTIST: Panic At The Disco
TITLE: “Nine In The Afternoon”
WEB DEBUT: Jan. 28, 2008

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: They’ve stripped the punctuation from their name and taken to covering The Band in concert, but Panic At The Disco haven’t completely given up their tendencies toward hopped-up showmanship, if their new single is to be believed. One wonders just how often A Night At The Opera got played on the band’s bus, because “Nine In The Afternoon” sounds like a drama-club-produced Queen homage, complete with instantly hummable melody, swooping-from-the-skies choir, and big orchestral breakdown at the end. Sure, there’s no way that Brendon Urie can hit the high notes or command a stage like Freddie Mercury, but his syllables-per-second quotient has been cut by about 50% since the band’s last album, which does show that he’s at least trying to grow beyond the “watch me stuff my entire Livejournal into one song” stage of frontmanship. Whether this will translate into an album’s worth of material that won’t need contortionists and fire-eaters to distract from it in a live setting remains to be seen, but color me cautiously optimistic.

Panic At The Disco [MySpace]

  1. BigRicks

    ummmm…I kinda dig it. I’m not sure I see the Queen homage though (at least not as clearly as it was seen on “The Black Parade”).

  2. Jasonbob7

    Not quite Queeny…more ELO-ish. Catchy as HELL. Lots of credit for the awesome orchestration and odd meter-jumps. But I still can’t stand this dude’s voice, he’s forcing every ounce of breath he’s got into each note and it’s all coming out through his nose, and then it’s compressed and pitch-corrected into shimmery oblivion. This is the indelible mark pop-punk has left on our musical landscap.

  3. rogerniner

    I hear the Queen in there, but damn I can’t stand his voice. Good song, though.

  4. rogerniner

    @Jasonbob7: Yeah, you’re right, more ELO on the vocal hamronies, escpecially.

  5. britneyspearstears

    Yeah… I will surely come to regret this comment, but I am feeling this new track.

  6. joshservo

    Yay, Panic At The Disco! Boo, Vampire Weekend! Take THAT, stupid blogosphere! You can’t tell us what to think! Now grab your guyliner, and meet me at Hot Topic! VIVA LA REVOLUTION! VIVA MALL ROCK! VIVA LA DIFFERENCE!

  7. Maura Johnston

    @joshservo: Can’t we all just get along? Especially since I am on record as not totally hating VW?

  8. blobby

    @BigRicks: Seriously? This sounds about as much like Queen as anything could with that stupid frontman’s voice fucking everything up. As much as I love Queen and anything that sounds like it, my problem with this track is that if you take away the annoying vocal, it simply sounds like an average Queen backing track circa ANATO. And I prefer the original, thank you very much.

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