Missy Elliott Set To Sock It 2 U In Multiple Dimensions

Jan 29th, 2008 // 2 Comments

newmissy.jpgMissy has been away for a while, but never let it be said she doesn’t know how to make a re-entrance. The Hollywood Reporter reporters: “Walt Disney Studios is creating a stereoscopic 3-D music video combining two of her songs featured in the studio’s upcoming ‘Step Up 2 the Streets,’ which opens Feb. 14. MTV will premiere the video in 3-D on Monday during ‘TRL.’ Glasses for home viewing will be distributed via various promotions.” While we’d still like to see a 3-D take on “Get Ur Freak On” and its rubbernecked loogie hocking, we’ll have to settle for this forthcoming video smashing up Missy’s newish singles “Ching-A-Ling” and “Shake Your Pom Pom,” the culmination of a longtime dream for Elliott: “Missy always wanted to do a 3-D music video, and Disney has done a lot of movies in 3-D.” It’s not their first foray into 3-D music video, either; after the jump we have a little-seen clip from an earlier, aborted 3-D collaboration between Disney and Missy’s longtime production partner Timbaland.

Missy Elliott To Release 3-D Music Video [Hollywood Reporter]

  1. encyclopediablack

    As long as there’s no 3D replication of her chocha or mention of said chocha in the video, I should be able to keep my breakfast down.

  2. Anonymous

    Nas tried this for “Nastradamus”, and there’s a hilarious director’s commentary on his DVD where he’s describing the moment where him and all his lackeys are sitting around in $50,000 outfits and 99-cent 3-D glasses watching the premiere of the video, when they all realize simultaneously that the shit didn’t work (not that anyone would’ve wanted to listen to that shitty, shitty album even if it had).

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