B.O.N. Have A Lot Of Deep-Seated Issues With Catholicism

Jan 29th, 2008 // 5 Comments

The first time I saw the video for B.O.N.’s “Boys,” I thought I was hallucinating–I was unemployed and watching a lot of turn-of-the-century MuchMusic US with the occasional Law & Order break, so I figured that the tableau of Max Martin-inspired pop, naked-dude chase scenes, and stripping nuns was a fever dream inspired by nodding off during the episode where Logan went back to Catholic school and feeling abject panic at my student-loan bills being due. But no, it was real, as evidenced by the (sorta-NSFW?) clip above. B.O.N. was a pop duo out of Germany whose name was short for Band Ohne Namen–”band without a name” in English–and “Boys” was a minor hit, although it didn’t reach the lofty heights that were aspired to by their album’s title. (No. 1, natch.) The song is pretty decent as far as 2000 Europop goes, with a stern string line that nicely underscores the nuns’ finger-wagging; there’s also a German version of the track, and while the way the attached clip blurs the boys’ naughty bits is much wittier, I’m proud to say that it does leave the shot of American-flag undies intact. [YouTube]

  1. Rilo-Andy

    Thanks Maura! I think I’m in love…. Booking German vacation… Now.

  2. K-milo

    I have to say that today you guys gave me a great flashback… I remember i saw this video on MCM, a music channel from Belgium that for some strange reason my local cable company offered…

  3. Jon W

    wtf is up with the rong videos in the rss

  4. KinetiQ

    Oh man I miss MuchMusic so much. When they switched to MM USA in the states I cried for a week straight. I mean, who else would play Sisters of Mercy, Dead Can Dance, Legion of Green Men, and the Boomtang Boys? No one going after the same (stupid) demographic as MtV.

  5. Maura Johnston

    @KinetiQ: don’t forget prozzak!

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