The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Tells It To Taylor Dayne’s Airbrush


We know the queen of late-’80s acid-washed dance-pop is now 45 years old, and so it’s kinda understandable why her image-conscious record label might have wanted to scrub the visible signs of aging from the cover portrait for her forthcoming album Satisfied to compete in a world where even twentysomething starlets get digitally nipped and tucked before hitting the stands. But the only resemblance this new, shiny, smooth, and disturbingly muppet-esque Taylor bears to the (equally scary if we’re being honest) lady that once vamped it up in the “Tell It To My Heart” video–which Maura requested we post “for the children…so they know it wasn’t always this way”–is the teased lion’s mane and the doorknockers, which mostly prove there’s no Photoshop tool to remove “Long Island-ness” just yet.

Taylor Dayne – “Tell It To My Heart” [YouTube]