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AP070209030462.jpgMiley Cyrus responds to the news that a mom forced her daughter to write a phony story about her dad dying in the Iraq war in order to win tickets to a Hannah Montana show: “There is so much that has been going on just with everyone. There has been some really bad things happen, there’s been some really amazing things happen. Like I remember I was watching CNN today and there was this little girl that couldn’t afford to have her surgery. She took her tickets and put a bid for them and now can have her surgery. There has been amazing stories that have been going on with everyone so it’s really incredible.” My head is still spinning from the media-trained non-answer she gave! Just imagine if they’d asked her about her feelings on MySpace? [AP via Yahoo! / Photo: AP]

  1. Anonymous

    Like, I’m totally a fucking idiot, like.

    Her positive spin is that someone had to sell their tickets to afford surgery? Really?

  2. cockfightbarmitzvah

    Miley Cyrus is a dipstick. I do, however, eagerly await Hannah Montana’s counter-point to Miley’s non-answer with a poignant critique of the geo-political implications of the Iraq War both on today’s youth as well as our nation as a whole. That Montanna kid is a recognized political wunderkind.

  3. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Ok, so maybe I’m a major league idiot for not knowing everything about the juggernaut that is Radio Disney, but isn’t Hannah Montanna a character that MIley Cyrus plays? Or are they sort of two seperate entities. Like, Hannah Montanna does her thing, and then she turns into Miley Cyrus who has her own seperate thing.

    Like Garth Brooks and Chris Gaines, or Chris Jericho and Moongoose McQueen.

  4. NickEddy

    I would grouse about the grammar in “there has been amazing stories,” but she will BE a has-been soon enough, so maybe it might could be practice.

  5. egg cream

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: Get ready! On the television show Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus plays Miley Stewart, who plays Hannah Montana — but everybody thinks that Miley Stewart is just Miley Stewart, and Hannah Montana is just Hannah Montana. Whereas on the Hannah Montana tour, Miley Cyrus plays Hannah Montana, and Miley Stewart doesn’t exist, and everybody knows it.

    Are you sad yet?

  6. cockfightbarmitzvah

    @girlboymusic: But there’s one constant throughout all this confusion. Billy Ray Cyrus is a sad humorless has been who’s pimping out his daughter in order to save his career.

  7. egg cream

    @cockfightbarmitzvah: He didn’t make her take those MySpace pictures.


  8. Nicolars

    Miley Cyrus does come across as a complete ditz, but consider her gene pool.

  9. mike a

    Or as Dan Quayle once put it (riffing on the NAACP’s slogan): “What a waste it is to lose one’s mind. Or to not have a mind at all. How true that is.”

  10. Anonymous

    I’m gonna go ahead and assume that that girl later spent 45 minutes in jail for ticket scalping, with the rest of her days doomed to repeat the plots of later episodes of “Home Improvement”

  11. Rilo-Andy

    But the real question is… What does Jem think about someone ripping off her act? Truly outrageous!

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