The Video Music Awards May Be Over, But The Twittering Still Lives On

Jan 30th, 2008 // 5 Comments

echoes.pngYou may remember that last year, in an effort to get people on the Internet psyched about the Video Music Awards, MTV entered into a partnership with microblogging site Twitter–ostensibly allowing users to follow every move of Timbaland, Daughtry, Peter Bjorn & John, and other artists as they tooled around Vegas. The VMAs have been consigned to the history books (well, except for the PTSD) for months now, but as you can see from the screenshot above, some of those Twittering performers are still poking their heads into the ether, persistently trying to make a real connection. Or, in the case of Soulja Boy and an unidentified member of the Gym Class Heroes, replying to every single message that the other is (errantly?) still sending to the VMAs’ Twitter account. Cyber-tumbleweeds: They just don’t have the same romance that the real ones do, you know? [Twitter]

  1. sparkletone

    If I was this member of Gym Class Heroes, my response to “Sup wit u” would be something like:

    Oh, I was just pondering the epistemology of Descartes and whether or not “cogito ergo sum” really counts as a piece of knowledge from which one can work. Have any thoughts?

  2. sparkletone

    Alternate option: Ask Soulja Boy what he thinks of Alex Ross’ book.

  3. Whigged

    01.30.08 = slowest news day in Idolator history.

  4. Anonymous

    Whazzz up.

  5. Ted Striker


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