Dear David Carr: You May Want To Check Your Dictionary’s “R” Section

Jan 30th, 2008 // 10 Comments

oxford_english_dictionary.jpgA note to Times awardsblogger David Carr, who decided to indulge his rockcrit side in today’s broadside against Juno haters as such: “But to suddenly kick something to the curb because it found an audience is the height of ‘rockism,’ a critical mindset that suggests if a lot of people like something, there must be something terribly wrong with it.” Actually, no. (Please trust me on this.) Rockism is–c’mon, say it with me, everybody–”The theory that traditional rock music is a more authentic form of popular music than pop music.” Or: a just as annoying, yet totally different, sort of reactionary attitude exhibited by people who “know culture.”* Maybe next time you should check with your colleagues before embarking on music-crit-related vocabulary lessons? Otherwise, love your work, that No Country acronym contest was killer! [The Carpetbagger]

* FYI: The behavior you describe/decry is actually referred to by the term “being a reactionary asshole, or a bored blogger.” It’s not as zingy as “rockism,” but perhaps you could work on that.


  1. Chris Molanphy

    When I read him this morning, I knew somebody here was gonna call him out on the “rockist” thing. I was half-tempted to comment right there on the Carpetbagger page, but…I’m with you, he’s my favorite Oscar-season commentator, and I didn’t want to shit on him for something so tangential. Anyway, I’m glad somebody corrected him on it.

  2. The Notorious T

    I didn’t even know “rockism” was a word.

  3. Rabi

    What a minute? Rockism is bad? I thought popism was bad? Fuck. I need to go back an edit a shit ton of I Love Music Forum entries.

  4. Ned Raggett

    Lucky you.

  5. mitchel_stevens

    no matter what you do or say, you cannot ever touch david carr.
    he is like a barrel of awesome strapped to a man piledriving a shark.
    into dynamite.

  6. TheContrarian

    Can’t someone just not like Juno all that much without it being accused of brandishing a cultural identity badge?

    And can’t we not like Vampire Weekend, without having to engage in an hour-plus discourse on classism, Cape Cod and King Sunny Ade?

  7. revmatty

    I thought the term for shunning what you once liked due to it’s subsequent popularity was ‘indieism’

  8. SuperUnison

    To give you some idea how high he aims the discourse, just check the first commenter out.

    Also, “Juno” is the Vampire Weekend of Oscar contenders.

  9. Anonymous

    @SuperUnison: “Juno is the Vampire Weekend of Oscar contenders”


  10. Anonymous

    @mitchel_stevens: I’m gonna carry that picture in my head all day. Nothing will top it.

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