Jan 31st, 2008 // 2 Comments

200px-MetalHealthQuietRiot.jpgFor an article that’s supposed to be trying to convert non-fans to the world of heavy metal, this piece sure expends a lot of words talking about what’s supposedly wack/corny/”uncool” about the genre. Dear Indie Kids: It’s okay to like “inherent machismo,” “masturbatory guitar solos,” and “abrasive vocals” without the crutch of the “all-important quality of irony.” Sometimes they’re even the point! [Prefix via Deciblog]


  1. cstmr srvc

    considering how long ago the isis/pelican/hydra head/sunn/etc shark jumped,i feel like this article was transmiitted from the semi recent past.

  2. pchcowboy

    Glad to see the nod for The Fucking Champs’ IV, an album built for vinyl.

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