AP Editors Get A Little Too Excited About The Prospect Of Led Zeppelin Playing Bonnaroo


The above screengrab comes from the AP’s story on the Bonnaroo lineup, which clearly suffered from having a night copyeditor who wasn’t up on her “funny” lesbian cock-rock cover bands that are almost named after icons of said genre and are, ahem, billed way, way too low to be considered “headliners.” (Well, at least she’s as good at figuring out in-joke-laden riddles as we are.) According to my sources who weren’t out on the town during this whole kerfuffle, we can blame the NME for the foul-up. Tsk tsk, NME. You should have run with the “surprise Baltimora show” angle instead!

Led (sic!!!!) Zeppelin Heads Bonnaroo Lineup [AP]