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spoonglasses.jpgThis cover of Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home To Me” by Spoon’s Britt Daniel, originally released on a Portland-centric compilation, is almost a year old at this point, but Mr. Matos returned it it to my attention in light of the alarming news that adenoidal thespian Colin Meloy of the Decemberists is planning an EP of Sam Cooke covers. It’s so good it’s kinda like Daniel put Meloy over his bony knee and spanked him for in advance for the very idea. (A friend also notes it fits quite well on a playlist following the new ?uestlove-produced Al Green join that leaked a few weeks back.) [Jonk Music]


  1. DaeSu

    Wow, that’s dreadful.

  2. silkyjumbo

    I usually give covers the benefit of the doubt, even Sam Cooke songs (hello, Spinners). But I have placed this particular song on an extremely high pedestal. The arrangement is not bad and the vocal is okay, but my gut has told me to hate it. So I do.

  3. Sara Sherr

    I would rather watch a video of Britt Daniel spanking Colin Meloy.

  4. Anonymous

    No (to Britt’s cover), no (to Meloy trying to cover), and no (to watching a video of Meloy being spanked and probably enjoying it).

  5. Cheap Shot


  6. papercoversrock

    I quite dig the B. Daniel version.

    There’s a pretty comprehensive listing of “Bring It On Home To Me” covers over at [fuelfriends.blogspot.com]

    “Bring It On Home” always makes me happy, and it feels like that the song itself is so great that no one can spoil it. But then again I passed on the Michael Bolton take, and a Decemberist version sounds pretty unappealing.

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