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neilyounger.jpg“Canadian folk rock legend Neil Young said he has lost all hope that music can change the world.” Perhaps this means “Canadian incredibly-loud-guitar rock legend Neil Young” will get back to his “Down By The River” steez, even though he is quite aged. (P.S. Even though I know I have only my obsession with conservative comment-box car-crashes to blame, the comments on this story kinda want to make me do mean things to my eyes even more than most Internets comments. Forewarned.) [Breitbart]


  1. loudersoft

    Old man, look at your life…

    I could have told you that a song would not change anything at the age of 5. You TRULY thought a song would “change the world?” It’s a fun idealistic thought, but no one in their right mind picks up their ball and goes home pouting because it didn’t happen…conclusion…?

    Stop being so bitter about life. Sing your songs, enjoy that people love your music, then fade away into obscurity.

    Help me find the motherfucker who wrote this and suffocate him.

  2. loudersoft

    I really wish that were the worst comment on that page.


    I want to drown the entire commenter roster of that story with my bare hands.

  3. Michaelangelo Matos

    @Ned Raggett: I give up. Why would it be Clive Davis?

  4. My Friend Edward

    An explanation for “Canadian folk rock legend Neil Young”, perhaps: the reporter seems unaware that Neil has made music without Crosby, Stills or Nash.

    Research, people! Research!

  5. mike a

    I’m guessing both Neil and the commenters are still stinging from Living With War.

  6. GhostOfDuane

    Drowning is not harsh enough a penalty for those who dare speak against Shakey. Strap these clowns down in front of his rig, crank Ol Black to 11 and blow their tiny brains right out of their heads.

  7. edgyspice

    That comment section provides many sterling examples of the type of person who still whines and flails his fists over the fact that the Sixties happened.

  8. Ned Raggett

    @Michaelangelo Matos: I can’t explain another failed joke that only I find funny. I’ve been there too many times and it’s a Friday afternoon.

  9. Oldboy

    Everybody in showbiz, or on its fringes, is unconscionably ageist.

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