Stone Temple Pilots To Bring The ’90s Back To Ohio

Feb 12th, 2008 // 37 Comments

Confirming reports that have been floating around for a few weeks, today the first date on Stone Temple Pilots’ summer reunion tour was announced: They’ll play the Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio, this May. (Well, provided that frontman Scott Weiland gets out of rehab by that time.) STP will lead a lineup that’s evenly balanced between bands that have had an iron fist-like grip on rock radio since the earliest days of the “post-grunge” movement and acts that have somehow managed to slip into the Modern Rock charts over the past few years:


Staind and Filter. Does admission to this festival include a ride in a DeLorean that takes you back to 1999, too?

Rock On The Range [Official site]
[Stone Temple Pilots Reunite For Ohio Festival [Billboard]

  1. Hamster-Style

    Ugh. Can we firebomb the crowd at this show and remove some of the general ‘meathead’ population from the area?

  2. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    Think the kiddies will luck out and be treated to a special Army of Anyone reunion as well?

  3. Ned Raggett

    Jesus god, that lineup. My head feels flatter because of it.

  4. Ned Raggett

    Hey, Twiztid are still touring, why aren’t they on that bill?

  5. Chris Molanphy

    Al? You’re up…

  6. Mick Kraut

    …and more?

    isnt that list more than enough?

  7. Jerkwheat

    in other news, GHB sales are expected to go through the roof in the Columbus area this coming May…

  8. Vince Neilstein

    I’m a big Scott Weiland apologist, so… STP! so excited. though most of those bands I could do without. hopefully STP does a headline show elsewhere.

  9. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    Ohio, huh?

    Sounds about right.

  10. Al Shipley

    @Chris Molanphy: If Idolator wants to foot the bill for me to go out there and write my Fear And Loathing In Columbus, I’ll consider it.

  11. baconfat

    All that’s missing is BigDumbFace and Methods of Mayhem.

  12. baconfat

    Wait, there’s a band called “Red”? Jesus, talk about shooting yourself in the foot re: Google/myspace.

  13. FionaScrapple

    STP are simply too good for this lineup.

  14. Your GPA

    @baconfat: Red? You think that’s bad, imagine how hard the band Live is kicking themselves right now.

  15. Thierry

    @baconfat: Ever tried googling “X” or “!!!”?

  16. michaelpop

    Am I going to get my commenting privileges revoked for admitting how pumped I am for this STP reunion? Never got to see ‘em when I was younger, so this is going to make up for that.

    But the rest of that line-up is horrific.

  17. Marth

    I’ve spent far too much time trying to defend the honor of STP in the last 9 years or so (“They’re a great band! Really!”). But then they go and do something like this, and I just have no argument anymore.

  18. Marth

    Also, am I the only human in the world that actually likes Scott Weiland’s solo album? Anyone? Anyone?

  19. baconfat

    @Marth: I wasn’t really ever a fan of STP/Weiland to begin with, but the not-so-subtle “homage” to John Coltrane on the cover of 12 Bar Blues just drives me crazy. It was fun when Sleater-Kinney did it, but Scott should really know better. But maybe he doesn’t.

  20. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    @Marth: I like 5 songs on that record. The rest is unlistenable

    Now Talk Show? That ruled.

  21. D Day

    Maybe Velvet Revolver can recruit Richie Patrick to sing

  22. Thierry

    @Marth: 12 Bar Blues and Tiny Music… are both really underrated gems. As for the rest, they had some good singles but were very hit-or-miss on album tracks. As for Talk Show, well, if nothing else, it proved the DeLeos still knew how to write some fine riffs:

  23. Thierry

    @D Day: Or W. Axl Rose?

  24. dollywould

    Ohhh… STP was my first concert when I was in high school. My ticket cost $14. Oh, the 90s…

  25. Marth

    @Thierry: Yeah, Tiny Music is really my favorite of everything they’ve done. It has a really odd sound for a band of their stature at the time. It really deserved (and deserves) a little more appreciation than it got. Though it was kind of all downhill after that. (“Bi Polar Bear”??? What???)

    I never really listened to Talk Show. Just a single or two that they released at the time (which I don’t ever remember now). I can say, however, that the DeLeos produced an Alien Ant Farm (!?) record that, for some reason that shames and embarrasses me to no end, I really enjoy. And you can hear their fingerprints all over it.

  26. drjayphd

    @Thierry: Seconded, especially on Tiny Music…. Nothing ground-breaking, but well-done nonetheless. In the words of a great man, and a hero of our times, they are who we thought they were!

    (crowns the DeLeo’s asses)

  27. drjayphd

    @Marth: Think that’s bad, I have to actually admit to liking a few of the songs on ANThology. Not enough to keep the CD, but still… Although I wonder what would’ve happened if STP followed the direction they were going in with Tiny Music… instead of yelping and shitting the bed on the follow-up.

  28. tigerpop


  29. Dick Laurent is dead.

    As a native Ohioan I can safely say this is exactly what they deserve.

  30. NoNewYork

    yeah. wow. filter. hey man nice shot, and all that. wow.

    oh, and they should have the roots perform Game Theory, because i honestly think there isn’t enough theory based things at this festival.

    i forgot that i kinda like big bang baby.

  31. righteousmaelstrom

    Waitaminute…And More is getting back together?!?!?

    Holleee Shitt!!!!

  32. Felonious Monk

    My God…it’s Y100!

  33. Maura Johnston


  34. Anonymous

    Wow, “Revelation Theory” just might be the most unremarkable band name ever. Hint: If your band name sounds like a Linkin Park B-Side, change it.

  35. Anonymous

    This looks worse than the time my girlfriend suckered me into seeing the Gin Blossoms and Soul Asylum on their reunion tour.

  36. Anonymous

    Just think of the smell of heroin vomit, beer, body odor and cannabis that you will be able to smell downwind for miles! Call the EPA!

  37. Anonymous

    @BonusMcHustle: You should have broken up with her.

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