Feist Has Nothing In Particular To Say About That iPod Commercial


If you’re like me, you’ve only ever consumed Feist content by way of the ubiquitous iPod Nano ad featuring “1-2-3-4,” which was played during at least every other commercial break during MTV’s ANTM marathons last fall. But if you aren’t like me, and you do happen to care about Feist’s artistic integrity, you can read her thoughts on this subject and more in a recent BBC News interview.

[The “1-2-3-4” video] was just something I’d already made, it already existed and someone reputable put it on the television. And the response to it was very healthy, it felt natural, and really it was not a hard decision to make.

Turns out Feist is just as unenthusiastic about this topic as everyone else!

Did you have any idea that the advert would do so much?

If anything there was fear. I had total naivety, I didn’t project what it could be. I just thought that I made this video with my friends and I really loved it.

Once it came out and the response happened, that’s when a little bit of apprehension kicked in. I thought, in a way it’s my worst nightmare to have people at the concert twiddling their thumbs waiting for the one song that they recognise.

But any of those fears were quickly assuaged when I realised that would only happen if I stopped dead in my tracks and didn’t do another thing in my life – then it would become my epitaph. That’s not the case, it was so long ago that I even forget it really happened.

“So long ago”? It was the fall. Or does being in an iPod ad have the oddly cross-promotional side effect of putting its subjects on Internet Time?

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