Justice Wish You A Very Unsettling Birthday

When my sister was a wee be-permed grade schooler, my parents took her to a kiddie-friendly afternoon at a local nightclub for her birthday one year. The highlight was a Johnny 5-esque robot descending from the ceiling and then “dancing” to New Jack Swing songs. (This is one of the things I point to when people ask me why I mourn the passing of the late ’80s.) That was a fun birthday. (Presumably: I was probably at home playing Mega Man.) The birthday party captured in the video for Justice’s “Phantom Pt. II” is just…vaguely skeevy. But then who listens to synths-and-strings electro-house and thinks “sinister grandpas jiggling in half-time”? Obviously a certain pair of Frenchmen have already cornered the market when it comes to dancing robots, but in this case we probably could have made an exception. [YouTube]

  • sistasoulja

    see approx. 3:41 to 4:02:

  • unspeakablecrime

    what a glorious time it was. That place was the closest thing to Big time, Media Delaware county. ever had. I remember doing Coke off, of Jerry Halls shoe ,while Andy Warhol sodomized me. In the VIP area.

  • Chris Molanphy

    I kind of loved that.

    Oh, and: picture-framed people come to life? Thank you, J.K. Rowling! (Hope she doesn’t sue…)