T-Pain Is N Luv Wit <s>A Strippa</s> The Angry American

Feb 15th, 2008 // 7 Comments

t-pain.jpgIf the existence of Lil Jon’s Big & Rich remix didn’t send enough country-rap chills down your spine, how about the news that T-Pain is sprung off the idea of adding a little “who’s your daddy?” to his next Auto-Tuned outing? Mr. Pain has made it known that he’d like naughty Christmas elf Toby Keith to guest on his next album. And if that doesn’t work, maybe they could just bro down, get into some trouble involving bartenders, and hate on the Dixie Chicks?

Asked why Keith is on his list, T-Pain said, “He’s just different, man. He sells a lot of records.” Laughing, he adds, “He’s rich! I just want to be friends with him, I guess. That would be great!”

Aw, he has a boy crush! Maybe you should poke him on Facebook, Pain, just to get the ball rolling. Make sure you update your “Interests” to include “Flag Day,” “bootings,” and “the Democratic party” first, though!

Rapper T-Pain Wants To Duet With Toby Keith [CMT; HT: Reed Fischer]


  1. Chris Molanphy

    He’s just getting greedy and wants a hit on the Billboard Hot Country chart.

    Next he’ll be talking about befriending Dave Grohl.

  2. JohnDoe

    Just curious – does anyone ever comment on hip-hop stories around here that don’t involve Kanye West? I get lonely.

    I mean, I know T-Pain is no Mike Flowers…

  3. Anonymous

    @JohnDoe: I would, but I fucking hate both Tpain and that land-thief keith. So, sorry.

  4. Anonymous

    Tpain is the true epitome of ‘lowest common denominator’ in music. Trying to expand your dismal ‘music’ to other genres is just low low low low low low low, TPain.

  5. JohnDoe

    I dare anyone to listen to “I Love This Bar,” or “Get My Drink On,” and not start humming the chorus. Just sayin’.

  6. Rob Murphy

    You know what would be teh hawt?

    “Cledus T. Judd feat. T-Pain”

  7. Anonymous

    @JohnDoe: I understand. Sometimes on hip-hop and R&B posts I feel like I’m howling into a wind tunnel.

    The unfortunate truth is that it’s hard to take T-Pain seriously. Most of us, I reckon, are flummoxed by his existence and just don’t know what to say.

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